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Biogas solutions for optimum plant efficiency

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A leader in reliability, efficiency and safety Eaton designs, manufacturers and supplies world leading solutions for harsh, hazardous and industrial environments, as part of its Crouse-Hinds series portfolio. Distinguished by its global network of offices and manufacturing sites, our engineers and professionals are accessible where you are, providing experience and expertise to help solve your challenges. Eaton’s MTL product range can provide a necessary solution to ensure the safety and success of your business. Your plant efficiency and safety is our business With over 30 years of...

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water knockout clean biomethane to consumers via existing grid network anaerobic digesters flare stack Innovative product solutions for the global renewable energy market Biogas is an extremely valuable renewable energy resource and is becoming increasingly more important in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to produce energy. The main combustible component, like natural gas, is methane (CH4) which can power an engine generator. Monitoring of oxygen levels within the process is required to ensure anaerobic conditions are maintained in the digester and that the methane/oxygen mix does...

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Introducing the next generation biogas analyser, the MTL GIR6000 - featuring innovative modular sensor design. The new MTL GIR6000 offers a unique modular platform concept that is quick and easy to customise with a choice of up to six gas modules. This allows the user to choose only the gas elements they wish to measure. Reducing plant start-up costs is easy with an integrated solution that optimises your productivity and increases your plant availability. Rugged, reliable and easy to maintain, the MTL GIR6000 is an IP65 weatherproof system and is ATEX certified for use in a Zone 2 area for...

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CROUSE-HINDS Sf-HES Typical Applications: Digester gas analysis Landfill gas monitoring CDM verification Gas-to-grid CHP engine protection and efficiency Flare stack monitoring The new MTL GIR6000 Biogas Analyser is the ideal instrument for biogas applications. Where the measurement of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) have implications on both the efficiency and safe working of biogas processes. Dedicated modules for up to 6 gases are available for use in Zone 2 hazardous area applications. Other trace elements are often also present and may need...

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Your plant performance Our measurement solution G1010 Oxygen Analyser • Long life oxygen sensor • Hazardous area versions • Remote sensor option • Proven sensing technology The G1010 oxygen analyser has numerous applications in safe or hazardous area biogas processes requiring the precise measurement of oxygen down to 0.01% v/v. Oxygen is measured to detect potential explosive gas conditions and anaerobic activity in biogas processes. This proven long life ‘E’ type oxygen cell has a working life of up to 5 years and is used in all biogas applications. The unique design of this sensor means...

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Accessories Surge protection Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes and high voltage cables can destroy or disrupt unprotected electronic equipment. Induced surges and transient voltages can destroy or, perhaps more worryingly, render inaccurate sensitive control and measurement instruments. Advanced MTL surge protection devices safeguard all types of electric and electronic equipment from destructive high voltage transients and feature rapid operation, accurate voltage control and automatic resetting once the over-voltage has ceased. Intrinsically safe interfaces With over forty...

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EATON Crouse-Hinds series The safety you rely on. See the complete MTL analysers for gas applications product portfolio at U.S. (Global Headquarters): Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Business 1201 Wolf Street Syracuse, NY 13208 (866) 764-5454 FAX: (315) 477-5179 FAX Orders Only: (866) 653-0640 For more information: If further assistance is required, please contact an authorised MTL Distributor, Sales Office, or Customer Service Department JAPAN Cooper Crouse-Hinds Japan KK, MT Building 3F, 2-7-5 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0012 Tel: +81 (0)3...

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