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The MTL661 is a field, or MTL662 panel mounting, 4-20mA loop-powered IS indicator. This display provides an indication in hazardous-areas either loop powered or controlled by a signal from the safe-area.Configuration is carried out using the front panel switches (which maybe password protected). Range units, upper and lower limits, decimal point positioning and number of digits displayed are all configured via the front panel. > Unit location when installed to IS practice Accuracy at 20C Zone 0, IIC, T4 hazardous areaDiv 1, Group A, hazardous location б 0.01mA Effects of temperature on accuracy Unit location when installed to 'non'incendive' practice Zero: 0.0025% of span /ѰCSpan: 0.01% of span /ѰC Div 2, Group A, Hazardous location Display Ripple rejection Six 17mm digits (process value) Eleven 8mm digits (process units & current) <0.01mA error with 1mA peak to peak ripple at 50Hz Electrical safety Voltage requirements under all conditions The input circuit of the indicator is designed such that it does notinfluence the intrinsically safe circuit to which it is connected. (In the USA the application is covered by the entity concept.)Input circuit (terminals 4 & 5) in type of explosion protectionintrinsically safe EEx ia IIC, with the following parameters: Ui=30V, Ii=200mA, Pi=1.2W, Ci=0nF, Li=0mH only for connection to a certified intrinsically safe circuit not exceeding these values. Dimensions <1V, loop powered W130 x H114 x D52mm (D44mm MTL662)Panel mounting cutout W115mm H96mm Ambient Temperature Operating: 20ְC to +70CStorage:Ж30C to +80аC Enclosure IP67 aluminium field mountingABS option available - MTL661-ABS Humidity 5-99%RH Cable glands Input range 2 x M20 tapped holes provided 4-20mA Weight Over-range MTL661 - 825gMTL662 - 425g 200mA maximum without damage Display Range Approvals 999999 to 999999 (Configurable)Number of digits after decimal point configurable EN50020:2002Group II, Category 1GD EEx ia IIC T4 Tamb= ֖20C to +70аC.(The maximum temperature of the enclosure T 100C is referred to an ambient temperature of 70аC - Dust applications.) Zero and span Setting:anywhere in range Scale direction Normal or reverse: software selected. Out of range indication " ------- RANGE ERROR " displayed between 3.5 - 3.75mA " 9999999 RANGE ERROR " displayed at current >22mA Operating modes Linear or square root extraction is software selectable. > EUROPE (EMEA) Tel: +44 (0)1582 723633 Fax: +44 (0)1582 422283 AMERICAS Tel: +1 603 926 0090Fax: +1 603 926 1899 ASIA PACIFIC Tel: +65 487 7887Fax: +65 487 7997 July 2003 E-mail: Web site: size="-2">

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