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If youΒve been future proofing your process infrastructure byspecifying smartђ field devices for instrument replacements and plant extensions, then you probably already have HART > instruments installed in the plant. But are you exploiting this considerable investment?HART ΢׆ up to four process variables fromeach HART > provides simultaneous analogue and digitaloperation so that the 4/20mA analogue signal can be connected to conventional I/O cards for control while the digital signal can be used for: > ή device ◆ device status ◆ instrument diagnostics ◆ configuration changesMTLs HART > Ү...

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Things you may NOT know about HART > ή ◆ All HART > fi smart devices provide valuable data for process operations 24/7 - every second of every day. > ◆ Information on status (health) of the field devices and quality of the 4-20mA signals is in every communication. ◆ The Primary Variable is transmitted as a 4-20mA signal and alsoas a digital value. ◆ Many devices communicate Secondary Process Variables (measured or calculated) in addition to the Primary Variable. The HCF is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded byHCF membership & training/support fees. In addition the HCF: USING...

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HART > provides access to ALL process variables in thedevice > ή communication improves systemintegrity ◆ Many HART > Devices provide more than one process measurement or calculated value. ΢׆ HART > smart devices continually self-access and monitor theirperformance. ΢׆ Many Pressure & Temperature devices. ◆ Information on device status, quality of 4-20mA signal andprocess variable good/bad status reported in every communication. ◆ Most Flow, Level & Analytical devices. ◆ All Valve Positioners/Controllers. ◆ Using this data in control and safety systems provides earlywarning of abnormalities...

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1 x MTL4841 communications module 4 x MTL4842 HART > interface modulesNB: An MTL4841 module is needed for only one in every sixteen MTL4842 modules Maximum power requirements 1.35W when equipped with:Ζ 1 x MTL4841 communications module 4 x MTL4842 HART > interface modules HART interface connectors > 125 4 x DIN41651 20-way ribbon cables (16 HART > ή signal connections + 4 common returns on each cable. Connections to HART > signals via screw terminal interfaceor custom backplane. Contact MTL for details.) Weight (excl. modules and accessories) 296g approx. > Capacity > 206 Power...

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MTL4840 Series modules The following components form a complete system: MTL4841HART communications module pre-configured for Cornerstone protocolMTL4841-HART communications AMSmodule pre-configured for AMS Intelligent Device ManagerMTL4841-HART communications PRMmodule pre-configured forPRMMTL4842HART interface modulecommunicates with up to 16 loops > HART MTL4840 HARTٮ connection system provides simpleconnection to field instruments, using general purpose and IS termination boards. Personal computer ֖ running instrument managementsoftware and linked to MTL4841 HART communications modules...

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