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New Headquarters: MP FILTRI S.p.A. Italy USA MP FILTRI USA Inc. 2055 Quaker Pointe Drive Quaker town, PA 18951 Phone: +1.215-529-1300 Fax: +1.215-529-1902 email: Via 1° Maggio, n. 3 20060 Pessano con Bornago (Milano) Italy Tel. +39.02/95703.1 Fax +39.02/95741497-95740188 email: GREAT BRITAIN MP FILTRI U.K. Ltd. CANADA MP FILTRI CANADA Inc. Bour ton Industrial Park Bour ton on the Water Gloucestershire GL54 2HQ UK Phone: +44.01451-822522 Fax: +44.01451-822282 email: 380 Four Valley Drive Concord Ontario Canada L4K 5Z1 Phone: +1.905-303-1369 Fax: +1.905-303-7256 email: GERMANY MP FILTRI D GmbH RUSSIAN FEDERATION MP FILTRI RUSSIA Am Wasser turm 5 D-66265 Heusweiler/Holz Phone: +49.06806-85022.0 Fax: +49.06806-85022.18 email: ser Phone/Fax: +7(495)220-94-60 P.O. Box 44 127562 Moscow, Russia email: FRANCE MP FILTRI FRANCE Sas CHINA MP FILTRI (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Parc d’activités des Chanteraines 8 rue du Commandant d’Estienne d’Or ves, Immeuble D3 92390 Villeneuve la Garenne - France Phone: +33(0) Fax: +33(0) e-mail: http: // 1280 Lianxi Road, 8 Bld - 2 Floor Shanghai, Pudong 201204 P.R. China Phone: + 86.21-58919916 Fax: + 86.21-58919667 email: CMP 1107 UK 001 X

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Noise Pollution The problem of noise in industry has been addressed by legislation for some years now. This is in order to restrict harmful noise levels within the working environment. In modern industry, a large number of machines are equipped with a hydraulic system which generate excessive noise levels. 1. Theory and definition of noise In technical terms, noise can be defined as an unpleasant and unwanted sound, or an unpleasant, annoying or intolerable aural sensation (often accompanied by a sense of disturbance or suffering). An acoustic phenomenon is defined as oscillation propagated...

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Bellhousing, Coupling components, Accessory products Products LMC series monobloc bell housing – piston/vane/screw pumps Monobloc bell housing comparative table BMC series motor base LMC series monobloc bell housing gear pumps Monobloc bell housing comparative table LMS series silenced bell housing Monobloc bell housing comparative table Components for MODUL-2/3 bell housing Modul 2/3 bell housing comparative table SGEA/G series couplings Couplings comparative table Accessories Foot brackets Damping rings Aluminium tank Inspection doors Visual indicator LVA series (optional for inspection...

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Bellhousing Series SERIES LMC LMC series monobloc bell housings are used to connect between UNEL-MEC electric motors (form B3 - B5) and a loide range of hydraulic pumps available on the international market. With special machining, they can become motor bases on which it is possible to fit standard flanges produced by MP Filtri S.P.A. (MODUL-2). Due to their considerable flexibility and the vast range of the LMC series monobloc bell housings are suitable for most applications, and offer an operational range from 0.5 kW size 80 electric motors to 30 kW, frame size 225 electric motors. Fluids...

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How to use this catalogue This catalogue provides the technical and dimensional characteristics to correctly select the LMC low noise bellhousing. • All the available combinations between motor base and flanges are shown in chart 2. With the information, establish exactly the H1 dimensions of the LMC bellhousing and the exact ordering code. • Once the motor power and the type of hydraulic pump have been selected, you will need to determine the correct flange pump for the type of motor & pump. Version available • Monobloc bellhousing: bellhousing complete with machined pump interface; flange...

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Bell housing Monobloc bell housing - Additional assembled flange Additional flange Monobloc bell housing The additional flange, if request, is supplied already fitted on the bell housing (MODUL-2). Drive coupling not included in the ordering code- please see page 41. – For technical information, see paragraph “DRIVE COUPLINGS” page 41 – For loose components see pages 7-8-9-10 NB Drill the hole in the cover of the tank at least 2 mm larger than measurement D5 CHART 1 4 poles 1500 rpm motor Motor Frame Size LMC monobloc bell housing dimensions Foot bracket Bell housing code Code Motor shaft...

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LMC bell housing H1 height Additional flange Additional flanges tightening torque • FR* 18 Nm • F5* 100 Nm • F6* 180 Nm Additional flange These values are calculated at 70% of the max admissible load. In these special conditions the bolt’s body will undergo an average 60-70% of max. admissible load during tightening. These values are valid for UNI 5737 hexagon head screws and cylinder head screws with UNI 5931 built in hexagon with 8.8 resistance class, and torques gradually modulated with dynamometric screwer. If tightening is carried out with hydraulic power tool with torque control...

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Ordering code Monobloc bell housing Nominal size see chart 1 Page 3 Product revision number Pump flange see Page 39 Personalisation Inspection Hole 45° rounded of page 39 Inspection Hole Foot bracket Nominal size see chart 19 Page 50 NB. For all special requirements please contact our sales dpt.

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Motor Base Series Monobloc bell housing - Motor base with removable flange The motor bases in the BMC series utilise the standard LMC monobloc bell housing and are used as bases on which to secure the FR/FP5/FP6 series removable flanges to increase the length of the bell housing and allow fixing of a pump that is otherwise impossible on the monobloc bell housing. Motor base for installation of r emovable flange FR1 *** *** 28° – For pump flange codes refer to page 10 Dimensions of BMC series motor base bell housung Motor Size Motor shaft Code foot of mounting F Kit of assembly (motor base +...

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