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SF2 250 The SF2 series suction filter are designed for reser- within the filter preventing oil loss from the reservoir. voir side-wall applications. The SF2 250 filter uses a vacuum gauge or electrical This completely new design of filter allows the filter vacuum switch for filter element indication. element to be replaced without having to drain the These filters are supplied complete with bypass valve. oil from the reser voir. These filters are particularly suitable for power pack, mobile, Unscrewing the filter cover operates a closing valve construction, and industrial machinery...

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MP Filtri - Filtration Technology Filter element: Element material Nominal filtration Support tube: Support frames: Expanded metal MSeries Square wire mesh (filtration degree is defined in microns by the maximum diameter of a sphere corresponding to the mesh size). Filtering area Filter elements Filter body: Materials Head Pressure die cast aluminium A Series: Nitrile (Buna-N) V Series: Viton Working temperature Bypass valve Setting pressure From -25 to +110°C For temperature outside this range, please consult our Sales Network Organization Bypass valve, differential opening pressure:

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MP Filtri - Specification Compatibility with fluids Filter head and bowls Filter elements compatible for use with: • mineral oils (types HH-HL-HM-HR-HV-HG as per ISO 6743/4) • water-based emulsions (types HFAE-HFAS as per ISO 6743/4) • synthetic fluids (types HS-HFDR-HFDS-HFDU as per ISO 6743/4) • water-glycol (types HFC as per ISO 6743/4) Ask for anodised version As per ISO 2943; suitable for mineral oils (types HH-HL-HM-HR-HV-HG as per ISO 6743/4) synthetic fluids (A and M series only) (types HS-HFDR-HFDS-HFDU as per ISO 6743/4) For water-based emulsions (type HFAE-HFAS as per ISO 6743/4)...

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Selection & installation information Filter elment types M Series Metal mesh media, available in 25, 60, 90, 250 micron Example - M25, M60, M90 and M250 Please refer to individual pressure drop curves to obtain filter assembly pressure drop information The following filter sizing recommendations are based using a mineral oil fluid at 30 mm 2/s (cSt) with a maximum total filter assembly (housing and filter element) pressure drop of 8 kPa (0,08 bar). Filter element Flow rate l/min Flow rate l/min option 1” option 1 1/4” Weight Flow rate l/min kg option 1 1/2” ** Flow rates are based using a...

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Pressure drop information General Pressure drop versus flow rate curve information for both housing and filter elements is in accordance with ISO 3968 Filter assembly pressure drop - ∆p Total = ∆p Housing + ∆p Filter element Housing pressure drop - The housing pressure drop is proportional to the fluid density Filter element pressure drop - Filter element pressure drop is proportional to kinematic viscosity therefore always check the fluid operating temperature and fluid type to obtain the working viscosity according to the following formula: ∆p1 Filter element = (working viscosity/brochure...

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Ordering code example SF2 Filter condition indicator Nominal size This example shows how order a filter assembly with features based on the customer request. With threaded hole only With hole + plug Visual (axial vacuumeter) Visual (radial vacuumeter) Electrical (change-over contacts vacuumeter) Filter elements Nitrile (Buna-N) Viton Square wire mesh Port option Type G1 Without By-pass, without magnet With By-pass and magnet With By-pass, without magnet Without By-pass and magnet Seals (only for filter elements) N V This example shows how order a filter element with features based on the...

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Head Quarter : MP FILTRI S.p.A. Italy Via Matteotti, 2 20060 Pessano con Bornago (Milano) Italy Tel. ++39.02/95703.1 Fax ++39.02/95741497-95740188 email: sales@mpfiltri.com http://www.mpfiltri.com GREAT BRITAIN MP FILTRI U.K. Ltd. Bour ton Industrial Park Bour ton on the Water Gloucestershire GL54 2HQ UK Phone: 01451-822522 Fax: 01451-822282 email: sales@mpfiltri.co.uk http://www.mpfiltri.co.uk GERMANY MP FILTRI D GmbH Am Wasser turm 5 D-66265 Heusweiler/Holz Phone: 06806/85022-0 Fax: 06806/85022-18 email: mpfiltrink@aol.com FRANCE MP FILTRI FRANCE B.P. 325 01603 Trevoux Cedex Tel:...

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