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Pressure filter SERIES Maximum working pressure 420 bar F l o w r a t e s t o 7 0 0 l /m i n R s.p.a

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Production Programme Contamination monitoring products • Particle counters calibrated to ISO 11171 • On-line and In-line counting • Bottle sampler options • Remote operating capability • Windows based software package RS 232 - RS 485 digital bus Suction Filters • Flow rate to 620 l/min Mounting: • Tank immersed • In-line external • In tank with shut off valve Return Filters • Flow rates to 1500 l/min • Pressure to 20 bar Mounting: • In-line external • Tank top • In single and duplex designs Pressure Filters • Flow rates to 700 l/min • Pressure from 110 bar to 420 bar Mounting: • In-line •...

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Pressure filters - 3

Production Programme Stainless Steel Pressure Filters • Flow rates to 100 l/min • Pressure from 350 bar to 700 bar Mounting: • In-line • Manifold • In single and duplex designs In-line Filters • Flow rates to 3000 l/min • Pressures to 60 bar Mounting: • In-line • Parallel manifiold version • In single and duplex designs Filtration units • Flow rates from 15 l/min to 200 l/min • In static and mobile designs Accessories • Oil filter and air breather plugs • Optical and electrical level gauges • Pressure gauge valve selectors • Pipe fixing brackets • Pressure gauges Mechanical Products •...

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Pressure filters - 4

Filters are essential components in hydraulic systems as they perform a role of primary importance, “Cleaning of the fluid”. Hydraulic systems require filtration products in order to reduce and maintain particulate contamination in-line with the ISO 4406 cleanliness code. Filters in the medium and high pressure series are designed and built to meet market demands for applications in high pressure hydraulic systems. Studies conducted by our R&D department on filter housings and filter elements led to the development of a line of products offering excellent technical features including a...

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Pressure filters - 5

Filter element Filter sizing Differential indicators Indicators/Cartridges combination FILTER TYPE FMP 038 In-line filter Pressure 110 bar FMM 050 In-line filter Pressure 280 bar FMP In-line filter Pressure 280 bar FHA 051 In-line filter Pressure 420 bar FHP In-line filter Pressure 420 bar FHB Side manifold filter 320 bar FHF 320 HF4 In-line filters and flange 350 bar FHZ 320 Reversible filtration filter 420 bar FHD Duplex in-line filter 350 bar

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Pressure filters - 6

Introduction Installation in open circuits with the following functions: Working filter Contamination control of the major components in-line with the ISO cleanliness level specified. Safety filter Individual component protection in order to avoid catastrophic failure of components. Positioning Down-stream from the pump As a working filter for small size systems, with limited extension of the tube core. Protection of the system as a safety filter. Up-stream from the components Protection of individual components as a safety or working filter, for large size systems with extensive use of...

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Pressure filters - 7

Hydraulic schematics In-line filters for medium and high pressures can be equipped with internal valves to make them compatible with a large range of application conditions. HYDRAULIC SCHEMATICS Style T A Filter without bypass valve, the entire flow must pass through the cartridge for maximum protection of the system in all operating conditions. Filter without bypass valve + check valve, this style protects the cartridge from reverse flows and makes it possible to renew the cartridge without having to drain the oil from the pipelines or manifolds. A Filter with bypass valve, standard...

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Pressure filters - 8

Filter with valve for reversible filtration, this style makes it possible to achieve fluid filtration in both directions of flow. Double filter with bypass valve, standard opening Δp 6 bar, filtration cannot be assured in all operating conditions, the flow that passes through the bypass valve is proportional to the differential pressure caused by clogging of the cartridge and variations in fluid viscosity related to temperature (see cold starts). Double filter without bypass valve, the entire flow must pass through the cartridge for maximum protection of the system in all operating...

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Pressure filters - 9

Filter elements Description Composition of filtration media The filter elements are available with surface and depth filtration media. Series: mesh N Internal support mesh, stainless steel filtration mesh, external support mesh. Surface media are made of stainless steel wire mesh, nominal filtration. Depth filtration media are made of inorganic fibre impregnated with epoxy resins, absolute filtration. Differential collapse pressure Mesh M Elements with Δp value of 20 bar are utilized in filters with bypass valves. Elements with Δp value of 210 bar are utilized in filters without bypass...

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Pressure filters - 10

Multipass test in compliance with new ISO 16889 standard. Contaminant ISO MTD Value β Multipass test in compliance with original ISO 4572 standard. Contaminant ACFTD Filter element The above data are referred to a final Δp value of 16 bar Characteristics of filter elements with nominal filtration, M / T series For the square stainless steel wire mesh filtration degree is defined as the maximum diameter of a sphere corresponding to the mesh size, in microns. International standards for fluid contamination control Components Recommended filtration Servo valves Proportional Valves Variable...

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Pressure filters - 11

Filter sizing Correct sizing of the filter, having in-line or manifold connections must be based on a total pressure drop of between 0.8 and 1.5 bar. For styles with reverse flow valves, reversible flow, and duplex filters, the total pressure drop can be between 1.5 and 3 bar. The pressure drop calculation is performed by adding together the value for the housing and the value for the filter element. The pressure drop in the housing is proportional to the fluid density kg/dm 3 . All the graphs in the catalogue are based on a mineral oil with density of 0.86 kg/dm 3 . The filter element...

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