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NEO-SOLAR SOLAR island or hybrid drive for solar pumps and motors

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there were 3 normal scenarios:

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offers the following advantages: • It can work with a wider number of pumps that are already installed, since these are normally with AC motors, without any need to replace the pump. AC motors are in fact the most used on pumps, they are more economic and they can reach premium efficiencies (IE3). • The installation and the maintenance of these systems is known and accessible for all technicians worldwide. • Compared to DC pumps the current is lower, the cables are of thinner section, and there are less cable losses. • It is possible to connect the pump at the same time to solar panels and...

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NEO-SOLAR can work in 2 ways, ISLAND and HYBRID. curve must operate within such a limit, leaving an operating margin in terms of available voltage and current. NEO-SOLAR MSPT (Maximum Speed Point Tracker) SW is a better solution compared to the traditional MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) to achieve maximum results from a pump. The MPPT is not an operating area for the motor and the In fact, the purpose of the MPPT system is to constantly use of this power extraction system could unnecessarily find a compromise between current and voltage, in order limit the delivery of current or voltage...

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NEO-SOLAR MSPT vs traditional MPPT It can be mounted on a wall when connected to submersible pumps

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It is possible to connect the pump at the same time to solar panels and to the net or a generator, to make it work when the sun is not enough or during the night.

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In systems where it is required to work only at a constant BAR pressure controlled by a pressure sensor, the programming menu of NEO-SOLAR permits to select also such alternative working way.

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Physical quantity Min starting voltage (from solar panels) Stop voltage (from solar panels) Max voltage (from solar panels) Motive Solar Utility: Motor rated voltage and frequency It calculates the correct photovoltaic Supply frequency to motor generator sizing and choses the right Max output current from NEO-SOLAR to motor MSPT working, to reach the max water quantity permitted by the sun Constant pressure working Programmable by motive wifi keypad NEO-SOLAR for you after that you input some info like the panels data, max temperature, motor power, etc. Further characteristics Programmer...

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