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NEO-COMP compressors control unit

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… evolution of the famous remote controlled patented “NEO-WiFi” drive, NEO-COMP now controls the compressor pressure and adjusts automatically the motor speed according to the flow rate Motive lists 5 main reasons to use Know NEO-COMP on

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Motive 1: less equipment With NEO-COMP you don’t need anymore: • cabinet • emergency button • switch • motor control relay • motor overload protection automatic switch... ...and the tank can be 80% smaller TRADITIONAL SYSTEM

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Motive 2: energy saving With traditional systems, the motor keeps on running and consuming at 100% of its rated speed, also during no load stage ///■    '    AI    teliwr ^ With NEO-COMP the used power decreases esponentially according to the compressor capacity that you don’t use

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Example of a normal “load - no load” operation in traditional compressor with 10kWh and 30.000Lt/h of max capacity, and a requested flow rate of 15.000Lt/h (=30min load and 30min no-load) What happens with NEO-COMP:

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Motive 3: soft start Traditional compressors have an abrupt start and overcurrent while NEO-COMP has a soft start Motive 4: silent Traditional compressors motors run always at 100% of their rated speed, while NEO-COMP makes the motor ru only at the really needed speed

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Motive 5: NEO-COMP adjusts itself automatically without any need of EXTERNAL INTERVENTION

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Download the technical manual from Motive s.r.l. Via Le Ghiselle, 20 25014 Castenedolo CBS] - Italy Tel.: +39.030.2677087 - Fax: +39.030.2677125 web site: e-mail:

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