NANO - variable speed drive, for 1PH grid and 3PH motors, up to 2.2kw - 12 Pages

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NANO - variable speed drive, for 1PH grid and 3PH motors, up to 2.2kw

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Main data Main functions Electrical assembly Declaration of conformy Technical manual

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NANO is for single phase grid, three phase motors. This permits NANO to add to the well known power saving of variable speed drives, the possibility to replace the single phase motors (technically losing lot of power) with the higher efficenty IE2 and IE3 three phase motors. NANO can be commanded by analog controls or MODBUS. Setting and command can also be made by a PC, thanks to the free PC interface program "Motive Motor Manager" Any NANO can be fixed to a wide range of motors of different power and size. Thanks to BLUE, motive bluetooth trasnsmitter for NANO and NEO, and to the free App...

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A flashing led shows you from far the good working or the presence of an alarm event. NANO is modular, for a better adaptation to the specific needs of each application. Extractable terminals simplify the wiring. The EMC filter makes NANO compatible not just with industrial environment, but also with light industrial, commercial end residential environments. A voltage booster guarantees a stable torque Nm at very slow speed too. NANO is also offered in the versions "NANOCOMP", "NANO-VENT" and "NANO-OLEO", with a SW specifically modified for the automatic speed+power adaptation to the required...

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MAIN DATA Physical dimension *IP65 degree refers to the inverter case and to the optional components on the cover (Power Switch and Potentiometer). Table RP: Power range of motors that can be connected (at 230Vac) KW motor NANO-0.75 NANO-2.2 Table RD: Size range of IEC motors that can be connected IEC Motor NANO-0.75 NANO-2.2

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ELECTRICAL ASSEMBL Y Power Module layout NANO-2.2 Power Module layout NANO-0.75 Analog/Digital I/O Module layout (optional, code NANEXPS) EMC filter layout (optional, code NANFILT) Bluetooth module for smartphone and tablet control (optional, code BLUE) 7

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TECHNICAL MANUAL To know more about NANO, download the manual here:

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the paragraphs herein below. By virtue of aforesaid approval, and as regards the claim, Motive shall be bound at its discretion, and within a reasonable time-limit, to alternatively take the following actions: a) To supply the Buyer with products of the same type and quality as those having proven defective and not complying with agreements, free ex-works; in aforesaid case, Motive shall have the right to request, at Buyer's charge, early return of defective goods, which shall become Motive's property; 1.3. The guarantee herein shall assimilate and replace legal guarantees for defects and...

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WATCH OUR FURTHER CATALOGUES: PUMP NANO CATALOGUE ENG FEB 18 REV 00 WDRMgeAR units VFD for the automatic control pf water pumping systems Hill i neo-comp compressors control unit NEO-VENT VFD control unit for air sUction and ventilation AREA DISTRIBUTOR Motive s.r.l. Via Le Ghiselle, 20 25014 Castenedolo (BS) - Italy Tel.: +39.030.2677087 - Fax: +39.030.2677125 web site: e-mail:

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