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MONO single phase motors

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Mono Motive motors are built according to international standard regulations; each size throughout the construction forms is calculated with reference to the tables of standard IEC 72-1. The frame is made in die casting aluminium alloy. Aiming the maximum protection, the motors are equipped with important details like the pull-resistant cable gland and the combination of bearings with two shields each with rubber seal rings All MONO motors are single phase 230V 50Hz. On request 60Hz and special voltages F class insulation, (H on request) S1 continuous duty service, IP55 protection (IP56, 66 and 67 on request) on request extra capacitor for high starting torque The connection box can be rotated The special winding permits a good starting torque even without a double capacitor start/run Feet are detachable, and can be fixed on 3 sides of the housing, thus permittig the terminal box to be positioned up, right or left. Bearings selected for their silence and reliability and, for the same objectives, the rotor is dynamically balanced. 1

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Performance table Type With extra start capacitor

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Driver Motor shaft 1PH self-braking motors series MONO ATM Motor flange MONO ATDCM and AT24M series selfbraking motors use ATDCM one or 2 spring-pressure brakes, firmly spliced onto a brake Static max Static max standard vers. "TA version” input voltage output voltage IEC braking time on rectifier to brake power braking braking time braking cast iron shield at the back of the motor. torque no-load torque Type These motors include a series of characteristics normally [Nm] [Sec] [Sec] [Vac] [Vdc] [W] [Nm] considered options by other brands, like: AT..M63 4,5 0,15 <0,05 220-280 99-126 20 4,5 -...

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MANUAL RELEASE Motive brake motors are supplied with the manual release lever in their standard version. If not wished, the lever is like a screw, that can be taken away simply turning it. AT.. brakes are IP66 under an electrical point of view, but mechanically, in case of an outdoor use, they should be protected by rust and by disc adhesion effects given by humidity. In such a case, we suggest to use our protective rubber ring seals. This device prevents the exit or ingress of dust, humidity, dirt, etc., out of or into the braking area. It is inserted into the groove on the stator. If your...

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The technical files with all performance data and PDF drawings of each motor, can be downloaded from “configurator” section Specifiche Costruttore Motore tipo Configurazione N. poli: Altitudine max ∆T Delta temperatura Feature Peso 1000 m. sul livello 100 °C Aluminium motor 9.4 Kg Dati di Carico a 50Hz Rendimento η% Marcia (Lwa) Condensatore Cuscinetto DE Cuscinetto NDE Drawn: SD Motive s.r.l. 20 Scale: Out Via Le Ghiselle, ) Italy and 25014 Castenedolo(BS MOTIVE s.r.l. third Tel. +39 030 2677087 is property of to a This drawing neither shown Web: cannot be...

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AREA DISTRIBUTOR Motive s.r.l. Via Le Ghiselle, 20 25014 Castenedolo (BS) - Italy Tel.: +39.030.2677087 - Fax: +39.030.2677125 web site: e-mail: technical catalogue mono series set 16 REV.2

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