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mechanical speed variators "VARIO"

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Components list pag. 3Technical characteristics pag. 4-5 Operating principles pag. 6Performance pag. 7 LubrificationMounting positions pag. 10Terms of sale and guarantee pag. 11 Dimensions pag. 8-9 >

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VARIO is based on an epicyclic transmission at variable ratios. The motor rotates the inner solar rings 10 (spliced on the motor shaft) and 11, that, pressed by the belleville washers 12, transmit the rotation to the satellite cone disks 7. These satellites are in contact with the outer fixed external ring 9 and the external mobile ring 6, and impart rotation to the planet carrier 8 (integral with the output shaft) to which they are connected through the friction bearing-planet disk 3. Rotating the control knob, the mobile ring 6 rotates and operates an axial shifting; this movement is...

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legend: P > 1 [kW] input powern > 1 [rpm] input speedn > 2 [rpm] output speedM > 2 [Nm] output torque >

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oil litresVARIO SVARIO M VARIO L VARIO are supplied with mineral lubricant ISO VG 460, with the quantity of oil for positions B3-B5As a consequence of its operating principles, based on the satellites friction, the appropriate lubrication is essential for the correct duration and efficiency of VARIO.It is strictly recommended, in addition, to avoid mixing two different oil types. If you change type of oil, make first sure you clean VARIO with appropriate chemical thinner. > Breather plugLevel plugFiller plug All VARIO are supplied with filler, level and breather plugs. Before start-up, you...

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CLAIMS 2.1. Claims, regarding quantity, weight, gross weight and colour, or claims regarding faults and de-fects in quality or compliance, and which the Buyer may discover on goods delivery, shall be submitted by a max.7 days of aforesaid disco- very, under penalty of nullity.ARTICLE 3 DELIVERY 3.1. Any liability for damages ensuing from total or partial de- layed or failed delivery, shall be excluded.3.2. Unless differently commu-nicated by written to the Client, the transport terms have to be intended ex-works.ARTICLE 4 PAYMENT 4.1. Any delayed or irregular pay-ments shall entitle Motive...

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GENERAL CATALOGUE VARIO SERIES 09 06 REV.00 AREA DISTRIBUTOR Motive s.r.l. Via Artigianale, 110/112 25010 Montirone (BS) - Italy Tel.: +39.030.2677087 - Fax: +39.030.2677125 web site: e-mail: >

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