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ENDURO bevel helical gearbox

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ENDURO bevel helical gearbox

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WHffcw pmr \m tnartttftldfW 41 fttteMf DAT ML HI yigiX AND KNOW MOTIVE THANKS TO THE MOVIE ON Q

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Code system Technical data Performance table Terms of sale and guarantee pag. 16

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS robust Uniquely contoured, rigid, precise, monobloc, cast iron Body, Base and Flange ensure extreme robustness. A modular design with detachable output flange and integral feet permits the easy and fast conversion between flange or foot mounting versatile Bevel gears in the middle stage, to be more silent and, at the same time, reach a higher service factor

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flexible mounting Choice of hollow input flanges permits direct mounting of any standard motor Unique construction of Enduro makes it possible to mount any size in any position. This flexibility is achieved by: + ZZ autolubricating bearings on input and output shaft 5 interchangeable plugs, including one breather plug and a level plug Please note that the vent plug also allows you to reduce the internal pressure on seals, and thus increases the efficiency of the gearbox + mechanical parts locked in their positions by snap rings.This also ensures better absorbtion of axial thrust and...

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List of components ENDURO 3 item input shaft output shaft input cover input shaft input shaft output shaft output shaft input cover input cover closing cover closing cover closing cover input input input input input flange 71B5 input flange 80/90B5 input flange100/112B5 input flange 71B5 input flange 80/90B5 input flange 100/112B5 conical pinion conical pinion conical pinion conical gear conical gear conical gear seeger ... input shaft seeger … input shaft seeger … input shaft seeger holes flange flange flange flange safety washer safety washer safety washer

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first 3 digits describe the enduro size EN3 EN4 etc then 3 digits are the rated ratio 020 120 etc Enduro 4 riduzione i:70 output flange D=200mm input PAM flange 80 B5 then 3 digits for the mounting type =output flange 71B5 KP=160 =output flange 80/90B5 KP=200 =output flange 100/112B5 KP=250 = without output flange = with shrink disk 4 3 digits for the input flange (that determines the input hole diameter too) 805 =80B5 905 =90B5 125 =100-112B5 135 =132B5 etc

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Each Robus is supplied with long-life synthetic oil and do not require any maintenance. The oil quantity is suitable for B3 mounting position oil type Mobil Glygoyle 30 After adapting the oil quantity, each Enduro can be mounted in ANY position, thus giving big advantages in the stock management and lead time, thanks to the following 3 characteristics: ZZ autolubricating bearings on input and output shaft 5 interchangeable plugs, including one breather plug and a level plug. Level and breather plug must be positioned according to this chart mechanical parts locked in their positions by...

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technical data Rated output torque Mn2 [Nm] Torque output transmissible under uniform loading and referred to the input speed n1 and the corresponding output speed n2. The output torque can be calculated with the following formula: P [kW] · 9550 Mn2 = n1 ·η n2 Torque demand Mr2 [Nm] Torque calculated based on application requirements. It must be ≤ Mn2 of the chosen BOX unit. Input power Pn1 [kW] This is the power value of the motor applied to the input shaft and corresponding to a certain input speed n1, a service factor fs=1 and a duty service S1. It is even possibile to calculate the...

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Configurator Configure what you need with this consultant automatic, and get CAD files and data sheets Motive configurator allows you to shape Motive products, combine them as you want, and finally to download 2D/3D CAD drawings, and a PDF datasheet. Search by product To be used if you already know the product configuration that you want, and you just want to get quicker a PDF data sheet featuring performance data and dimensional drawings for 2D and 3D drawings. Search by performance If you’re not sure about the best products combination that you should select for your purpose, you can...

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dimensions ENDURO You can download 2D and 3D drawings from www.motive.it 13

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foot mounting ENDURO standard output shaft

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flange mounting ENDURO shrink disc shaft In standard configuration, the shrink disc is mounted on B side 15

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TERMS OF SALE AND GUARANTEE ARTICLE 1 GUARANTEE 1.1 Barring written agreements, entered into between the parties hereto each time, Motive hereby guarantees compliance with specific agreements. The guarantee for defects shall be restricted to product defects following design, materials or manufacturing defects leading back to Motive. The guarantee shall not include: * Faults or damages ensuing from transport. Faults or damages ensuing from installation defects; incompetent use of the product, or any other unsuitable use. * Tampering or damages ensuing from use by non-authorised staff and/or...

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You can download each motor or gearbox final test report from www.motive.it, starting from its serial number final test repo Gear-motor Watt clockwise rota tion Watt Gear-motor Watt oil leakage test test pressure, test duration, pressure leakag serial nr: code: description: Final assembly by: Final test by:

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Motive s.r.l. Via Artigianale, 110/112 - 25010 MONTIRONE web site: www.motive.it - e-mail: area distributor Motive s.r.l. Via Le Ghiselle, 20 25014 Castenedolo (BS) - Italy Tel.: +39.030.2677087 - Fax: +39.030.2677125 web site: www.motive.it e-mail: motive@motive.it enduro technical CATALOGUE ENG mar 15 REV.00

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