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DELPHI series three-phase motors

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IL SISTEMA QU THE QUALITY ALITÀ DI SYSTEM OF SEDE LEGALE E OPERATIVA REGISTERE : D OFFICE AND OPERATION AL SITE: VIA LE GHISE LLE 20 I-25014 CAST ENEDOLO (BS È CONFORME AI REQUISITI HAS BEEN FOU DELLA NORMA ND TO COMPLY WITH THE REQ UIREMENTS QUESTO CERTIFIC ATO È VALIDO PER IL SEGUEN THIS CERTIFIC TE CAMPO ATE IS VALID Progettazion e e fabbricaz ione di motor inverter per la trasmission i elettrici, riduttori me ccanici e Design and ma e di potenza (IAF 18, 19) nufacture of ele inverter for po ctrical motors, mecha nical reduce wer transmiss rs and ions (IAF 18, 19) Per l’Organis mo di...

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INDEX Technical characteristics sizes 56 -132 pag. 4-5 Configurator Motor configurations and installation positions Technical characteristics sizes 160-355 delfirE series Technical data DATI TECNICI Le caratteristiche tecniche elettriche sono elencate nelle tabelle tecniche prestazionali riportate di seguito. Per comprenderne i contenuti, si premettono alcune definizioni di carattere generale: In Corrente nominale: In è la corrente espressa in Ampere assorbita dal motore quando è alimentato alla tensione nominale Vn [V] ed eroga la potenza nominale Pn [W]. Si ottiene dalla formula: Potenza...

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Motive motors are built according to international standard regulations; each size throughout the construction forms is calculated with reference to the tables of standard IEC 72-1. Motive asynchronous three-phase delphi series motors are closed, and externally ventilated. The frame, up to 132 included, is made in die casting aluminium alloy, from size 160 up to 355 the frame is made in cast iron. All DELPHI motors are three-phase, multiple voltage multi-frequency 50/60Hz, F class insulation, (H on request) S1 continuous duty service, IP55 protection (IP56, 66 and...

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Aiming the maximum protection, the motors are equipped with important details like the pull-resistant cable gland and the combination of bearings with two shields each with rubber seal rings Cable gland can be easily moved on both the sides of the connection box, thanks to the screw cap Hil l ! ill The connection box can be rotated of 360° with steps of 90° To protect them by the rust, motive motors are painted in silver RAL9006 colour Performance excellence is granted by the low loss CRNO '‘FeV” magnetic laminations adoption,instead then the usual Semi Processed/Decarb "FeP01”. FeV...

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Motive three phase motors from size 160 up to size 355 are made in castiron and have all those main features of the Delphi series, among which: • standardized dimensions according to International standards (IEC 72-1) • multiple voltage and multi-frequency 50/60Hz, • F class insulation, [oupon request H or H+ (delfire)] • S1 continuous duty service, • IP55 protection (IP56, 66 and 67 on request) • tropicalized winding and reinforced insulation • suitable for inverter power supply* [from 110kW and up we recommend to order the motor with insulated barings (option)]...

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“DELFIRE” is an innovative range of three phase motors specifically designed to work in an ambient temperature of 100°C, like for instance the one of the ventilation of furnaces and dryers, in S1 continuous duty The used technology finds its origin in EN 12101-3 fire emergency motors for smoke evacuation, but instead of being intended for working for few hours only, it is designed to offer an S1 continuous duty service and the same lifespam of a normal motor in a normal ambient. The main features are: 1 defluxed winding for a low temp rise, dual coated magnet wires, increased H class: -...

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Worldwide there are several classification systems of induction motors efficiencies. In order to create a common system, IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) issued in October 2008 the norm IEC 60034-30-1 “Rotating electrical machines - Part 30-1: Efficiency classes of singlespeed, three-phase, cage-induction motors (IE-code)”. It's a classification sytem of efficiency that replaces the CEMEP one (to be clear, the one of “Eff.1, Eff.2, ed Eff.3” motors) and that, furthermore, recalls a new measuring and calculation way of efficiency, the one of the norm IEC 60034-2-1...

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What did Motive do in this scenario? - The measuring and calculation system of Motive motors efficiency is conform to the norm 60034-2-1:2007. That's the one behind the data declared in the probative test-reports    uploaded in motive web-site (each declared data, we remind it, is in fact supported, detailed and proven by such test reports) - This, together with the fact that Eff.2 Motive motors were often offering an efficiency abundantly above the min allowed level, permitted us to reach easily IE2 efficiency with a two years long R&D plan before June 2011. From June 2011, IE1 motors are...

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marking is referred to: Low Voltage 14/35/EC Low Voltage 06/95 EEC EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Compatibility 14/34/EC 04/108/EEC EN60034-2-1 (last issue). Rotating EN60034-2-1 (last issue). Rotating electrical machines. Standard electrical machines. Standard methods for determining losses determining losses methods and efficiency from tests efficiency from tests Eco-designDirective forfor Energy-reEco-design Directive Energy-related lated Products (ErP) 09/125/EC Products (ErP) 2009/125/EC EN60034-30-1 (last issue). RotaEN60034-30 (last issue). Rotating ting electrical machines -Part...

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MOTIVE MOTORS PROTECTION MARINE MOTORS CERTIFIED BY RINA 1 ■' P 1 Motive has been admitted to the alternative testing scheme (Statement Nr. 2015/MI/01/537) for the certification of its three phase electric marine motors, constructed, tested and certified in conformity with RINA Rules, either for essential or non-essential service. Protections must be chosen based on the specific running conditions, according to standards EN 60204-1 External protections 0 Protection against overloads. A thermal cut-out relay, which automatically controls a knife switch. # PTC thermistor device this device...

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