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BOX worm gearboxes and STADIO pre-stages

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IL SISTEMA QU THE QUALITY ALITÀ DI SYSTEM OF SEDE LEGALE E OPERATIVA REGISTERE : D OFFICE AND OPERATION AL SITE: VIA LE GHISE LLE 20 I-25014 CAST ENEDOLO (BS È CONFORME AI REQUISITI HAS BEEN FOU DELLA NORMA ND TO COMPLY WITH THE REQ UIREMENTS QUESTO CERTIFIC ATO È VALIDO PER IL SEGUEN THIS CERTIFIC TE CAMPO ATE IS VALID Progettazion e e fabbricaz ione di motor inverter per la trasmission i elettrici, riduttori me ccanici e Design and ma e di potenza (IAF 18, 19) nufacture of ele inverter for po ctrical motors, mecha nical reduce wer transmiss rs and ions (IAF 18, 19) Per l’Organis mo di...

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Technical characteristics Efficiency - Irreversibility Mesh data Lubrication Mounting Position Stadio BOX+STADIO performance tables Technical data Dimensional tables BOX input and combinations STADIO+BOX combinations BOX general data Output flange Accessories Components list pag. 22 Oil seal rings and bearings list pag. 23 Terms of sale and guarantee pag. 24

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS The housing shape has been studied to optimize the water draining during washing. From type 75 and up, 2 taper roller bearings are mounted on the wormshaft, improving the mechanical resistance to the axial loads given by the wormwheel. Moreover, the combination of this characteristic and 2 nilos (mounted on size 75 and up to keep lubrication grease inside the bearings even when they are not touched by the oil bath), or, in alternative, special RS shields on such taper bearings, permits the mounting of the whole BOX range, from the size 25 to the size 150, in the...

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Lubrication is already provided by motive with long-life synthetic oil up to size BOX90, and with mineral oil from size BOX110. registered design The gear unit is equipped with a full set of filler, level and breather plugs, permitting all mounting positions and facilitating the management of the stock. In order to increase silence, efficiency and duration, the wormshaft is made in case hardened steel and ground machined, while the worm wheel is in shell cast ZCuSn12 bronze. An epoxy paint coat cancels the negative effects of the aluminium porosity and protects the...

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IRREVERSIBILITY Some BOX units permit to lock and hold in place a load when electric power switches off. This characteristic, called irreversibility, is inversely proportional to the efficiency and the helix inclination, and directly proportional to the reduction ratio. The efficiency of the toothing profiles is the main factor in effecting successfully the whole efficiency of the wormgear units, and it is on a large extent tied to the helix angle of profiles. In order to get the fittest solution for a certain application, it is necessary to analyse the difference between static and dynamic...

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Z1    nr of starts of the worm Z2    nr of wormwheel teeth = Z1 ■ i hd(1400) dynamic efficiency with n1 = 1400rpm hs    static efficiency Cr    instance (not cyclic) static max peak torque resistance irreversibility dynamic    static

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Unless otherwise specified, BOX units sizes 25 up to 90 are supplied with long-life lubrication and they don’t require any maintenance. BOX110, BOX130 and BOX150 are already pre-lubricated as well, with mineral oil VG460. The use of oil instead of grease offers remarkable improvements under the point of view of the application, especially in the effectiveness and efficiency of the lubrication in the “limit layer” condition as well as under high intermittence applications. Furthermore, synthetic oil lubrication assures a much wider range of low and high operating temperatures. With the use...

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MOUNTING POSITIONS Breather plug Level plug Filler plug Like all connectable motive motors and gearboxes, STADIO is supplied by Motive with synthetic oil suitable for the whole lifetime. No maintenance requested.

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load classification    application Rated output torque Mn2 [Nm] Torque output transmissible under uniform loading and referred to the input speed n1 and the corresponding output speed n2. The output torque can be calculated with the following formula: Torque demand Mr2 [Nm] Torque calculated based on application requirements. It must be < Mn2 of the chosen BOX unit. Input power Pn1 [kW] This is the power value of the motor applied to the input shaft and corresponding to a certain input speed n1, a service factor fs=1 and a duty service S1.    s It is even possibile to calculate the...

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Configurator Configure what you need by this automatic consultant, and get CAD files and data sheets Motive configurator allows you to shape Motive products, combine them as you want, and finally to download 2D/3D CAD drawings, and a PDF datasheet. Search by performance If you’re not sure about the best products combination that you should select for your purpose, you can input your wishes, like final torque, final speed, use, etc, and the configurator will act like a consultant. It will give you a list of applicable product configurations; you can then download a PDF data sheet featuring...

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Design features STADIO construction is modular and therefore it can be supplied as a separate unit to be mounted on any type of fitted geared motor (PAM). It is not requested any part premounting on the motor shaft. Like all connectable motive motors and gearboxes, STADIO is supplied by Motive with synthetic oil suitable for the whole lifetime. No maintenance requested. Like all connectable gearboxes and motors manufactured by Motive, the whole STADIO range can be mounted in any position with no need of specifications in the order The efficiency at rated speed is 98%. The starting...

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