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INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY WITH THE LEAST CAPITAL EXPENDITURE motan´s single units comprise a range of equipment for optimising and automating plastics processing machinery production. All units can be combined or expanded in order to satisfy increasing and changing requirements. They help the plastics processor to equip their individual machines or production cells. In the case of injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding machines, cost savings can be easily achieved with minimum outlay. Individual applications and problems are rapidly solved and may be the first steps towards a later...

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METRO MATERIAL LOADERS METRO MES 10 The METRO stand-alone loader range from motan enables pro­ cessors to automate a key area of the production process costeffectively, bringing significant benefits of improved efficiency and process management. Plastic granulate is conveyed quickly and cleanly to the pro­ essing c machine hopper of drying bin or day bin. Material is delivered exactly when needed keeping machines running and avoiding costly downtime. Material wastage is eliminated and the workspace is kept clean and safe. All METRO loaders are easy to install and simple to operate. They can...

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METRO VL VENTURI LOADER METRO VL The METRO VL loader is designed principally for manufacturers who produce small plastic parts and components. This highly versatile compressed air loader can fulfil several different functions. It can be fitted directly to the throat of a small injection moulding machine to deliver 30 kg/h of virgin material. It can supply masterbatch feeders with master­ atch, a GRAVICOLOR b blender with additives or a LUXOR CA compressed air dryer with virgin material. LUXOR CA with METRO VL MANY FEATURES MAKE THE METRO VL VERY USER-FRIENDLY: • It is light in weight • Easy...

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METRO HES/MES SINGLE-PHASE LOADERS METRO HES 10 These models are ready to use, self-contained, all purpose loaders designed for material through­ uts from 10 to 250 kg/h. p Noise insulation is fitted to the METRO HES/MES 50 and 250 making them quiet in operation. They are fitted with an integrated vacuum motor, large filter and easy to operate controller. The conveying times are adjustable. An alarm indicates insufficient material. The METRO HES/MES 250 models are equipped with reliable brushless motors and soft-start for wear-free operation. The units can be mounted directly onto the feed...

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METRO HBS THREE-PHASE LOADERS METRO HBS with blower station The METRO HBS models offer a wide choice of loader-blower sets and are designed for higher through­ uts from 300 up to 1600 kg/h. p The units are supplied with a separate three-phase floor standing blower station which is low-noise and maintenance-free. The control panel is located at a convenient height, eliminating the need to climb onto the processing machine. An alarm indicates insufficient material. Highly efficient automatic implosive filter cleaning is standard on all METRO HBS loaders. METRO HBS units are also available...

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1 II 15:00 II Machine loader setup || MN01 || Implosion valve All METRO G material loaders are fitted with a vacuum valve. The valve opens the vacuum line when material is being conveyed and closes with an airtight seal after the conveying phase. The reduced pressure in the loader then causes the implosion valve to open suddenly for a short time. The shock of this implosion cleans the material separation screen after each conveying cycle. GRAVInet convey-control module In addition to controlling the GRAVICOLOR, the GRAVInet control can serve up to seven hopper loaders in two vacuum lines...

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Material hopper, square, stainless steel Hoppers in stainless steel or glass with hinged lid and hopper loader flange for mounting on a MINICOLOR dosing unit or directly on the feed throat of the machine. Technical data Suitable loader sizes approx. (l) Material hoppers Gross filling quantity approx. (l) Net filling quantity* approx. (l) 8 litre, round, SST/glass 8 litre, round, SST insulated 20 litre, round, SST/glass 20 litre, round, SST insulated 30 litre, round, SST/glass 30 litre, round, SST insulated * Filling quantity with hopper loader fitted. Material hopper, round, glass and...

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Day bins made of stainless steel Shut-off valve and a suction box is included. Compact design and mobile with four castors. Technical data

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Technical data METRO VL    METRO VL Loader type METRO VL* * The following items are included with delivery: 3 m material hose and a suction pipe. In addition, METRO HBS hopper loaders are delivered with 3 m vacuum hose ** The conveying capacity refers to a conveying distance of 5 m at a height of 3 m. The information refers to materials with a bulk density of 0.6 kg/dm3 *** When connecting two hopper loaders, a maximum of one hopper loader can be equipped with two material inlets. Subject to technical changes Loader type METRO ... METRO HES METRO MES Loader type METRO G ... METRO GHBS...

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YOUR BENEFITS Improved production efficiency through • proven motan quality for trouble-free, reliable operation • a first step to efficient, automated production • processing machine which does not run empty - automatic alarm prompts for material supply • avoiding health and safety risks - no material spillage, resulting in clean, safe floors and workspace • possibility of proportioning of regrind • easy access for cleaning • automatic filter cleaning Cost savings through • material savings at least 1 to 2% - no spillage • manpower savings through automated material conveying - no manual...

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