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motan" Alarm collection and indication unit ALARMcollector think materials management Translation of the original CE operating manual Store for reference

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Manufacturer motan holding gmbh Stromeyersdorfstr. 12 D-78467 Konstanz / Germany Copyright © motan holding gmbh, D-78467 Konstanz, Germany This operating manual is copyright protected, with all usual rights reserved. Reproduction of this operating manual or parts thereof is only permitted with the authorisation of motan holding gmbh. Non-compliance shall result in an obligation to provide compensation for damages and can have consequences under penal law. The technical information and operating information in this operating and maintenance manual correspond to the...

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ALARMcollector motan’ User Instructions | 1 The serial number consists of the device number and the change number. The serial number is shown on the name plate, see Name Plate [► 12]. Example serial number: xxxxx 041A90 xxxxx x xx xxxxx The General Terms and Conditions of Business of the manufacturer apply. The manufacturer does not accept warranty claims or liability in the event of personal injury or damage to property due to one or more of the following causes: ■ improper use of the device; ■ failure to observe the instructions, requirements and prohibitions in the operating manual; ■...

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1 | User Instructions    motan’    ALARMcollector 1.4 Conventions of Presentation Presentation of instructions Directions for operation and use of the device are displayed as follows: 2. Operating step 2 o Intermediate result of step 2 3. Operating step 3 ■/ Result Individual operating instructions are displayed as follows: ► Operating step ■/ Result Display of cross-references Cross-references to other chapters are indicated by the signal word “see”, the name of the chapter and the page number of the chapter in “[ ]”, e.g. See User Instructions [► 5]. Display of lists Numbered and...

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A pictogram with the word “DANGER” warns of an imminent DANGER for the health and life of persons. Ignoring these safety instructions will result in very serious or fatal injury. DANGER W Always observe these measures to prevent such danger. A pictogram in connection with the word “WARNING” warns of a possible danger to the health and life of persons. Ignoring these safety instructions may result in very serious or fatal injury. WARNING W Always observe these measures to prevent such danger. A pictogram in association with the word “CAUTION” warns of a possible danger to the health of...

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Symbols Used In this operating manual, warnings and danger signs are provided at all points concerning safety and operation of the machines. The following pictograms apply to the various types of dangers: General warning, danger zone, caution Warning of hazardous electrical voltage, electrocution Hand injury Suspended load Warning of possible damage to machine

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2.3 Use as Intended No changes must be made to the unit. The safety of the unit can be negatively influenced by this. In the event of questions relating to permissible use of the device, please consult your contact partner at motan. Permissible use The ALARMcollector may only be operated in conjunction with controls of motan holding gmbh. ■ Intended for commercial use. ■ Use is only permitted in enclosed, dry rooms. Foreseeable misuse, limits of permitted use ■ No third-party programs may be installed or run on the ALARMcollector. ■ The ALARMcollector must not be connected to the...

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2.5 Personnel Qualifications Instruction of the personnel Instructed personnel are persons who have been instructed in correct handling of the device, the machine and/or the software and are familiar with the dangers entailed in the event of improper use. In particular, the personnel must be instructed in the protective devices. Qualified personnel The device may only be assembled, maintained and serviced by trained, qualified personnel. The qualified personnel must have read and understood the operating instructions. It is recommended to have the personnel trained by motan. The qualified...

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Product Description Operating Principle The ALARMcollector is a fully wired control box with an integrated embedded PC. The ALARMcollector collects all alarms of all motan controls which are connected to the CONTROLnet. These are provided in a browser-compatible terminal (e.g. a PC, tablet, smartphone). It is possible to connect terminals via network cables or an optionally available WiFi router. It is not necessary to install software on the individual terminals. In order to also signal a new alarm visually and acoustically, signal transmitters can be connected to the ALARMcollector. The...

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3 | Product Description    motan’ 3.2 Declaration of Conformity The EC Declaration of Conformity of the device is included with this operating manual as an external document.

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ALARMcollector motan’ Product Description | 3 Device-specific information

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4 | Assembly and Commissioning    motan ALARMcollector Warning of cutting injuries. When unpacking, there is a danger of cutting injuries due to incorrect removal of the packaging material. WARNING W Wear protective gloves. The device is delivered in a cardboard box. 1. Remove packaging of the device. 2. Check delivery for completeness. o In the event of doubt, ask your contact partner at motan. 3. Check delivery for damage. o Damage due to delivery must be immediately reported in writing to the haulage company and the contact partner at motan. ■/ Device is unpacked. 4.2 Transport Provide...

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ALARMcollector motan’ Assembly and Commissioning | 4 Danger of electrocution. High electrical voltages may lead to life-threatening body currents and injuries due to electrocution. DANGER W Work on the electrical system may only be carried out by trained electricians. W Disconnect the unit from the power supply before starting electrical work and secure it against unauthorised activation. Compare power supply with the specifications on the name plate, see Name Plate [► 12]. The following work is carried out on site by a motan service engineer: ■ Wiring of all components, see Wiring Diagram...

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