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Ultrasonic Technology Advanced Strapping Solution Mosca’s SoniXs ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionised the strapping technology. Mechanical vibrations are transmitted under pressure to the ends of the plastic strap, which are then compressed and cooled down under joining pressure. A unique sonotrode makes the seal extremely sturdy. SoniXs offers significant and proven advantages over traditional heat-seal technologies, including costs, maintenance, and longevity across all industries and applications. Increase Flexibility, Lower Overhead Costs The custom sonotrode, is the heart of...

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Benefits of SoniXs ECONOMICAL Increased seal strength saves the amount of strapping material needed per package. In contrast to heat-sealing systems that require constant resources, the SoniXs technology only uses power during the strapping cycle. SUSTAINABLE No emissions like smoke, fumes or smells. Low noise level. As SoniXs allows the sealing of PET strap (made from recycled material, and is 100% recyclable) it provides customers an economical and more environmentally friendly alternativ. The SoniXs system is available at any time, without a warm-up phase. EFFICIENT The entire SoniXs...

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Advantages of SoniXs in the machine sector Operator-friendly The strap path components of the SoniXs unit can be dismantled without tools, thus enabling simple and fast maintenance. Dirt-resistant When using SoniXs technology for sealing, the straps are not melted, which prevents deposits or residues from burning into the sonotrode, which in turn guarantees high availability. Corrosion-resistant Outside influences such as moisture or salty air have no influence on the efficiency of the SoniXs sealing unit. 6 Advantages of SoniXs in pallet strapping Work safety & fire protection As there is...

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