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SoniXs TRConnect REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR END-OF-LINE [PACKAGING] PERFORMANCE NONSTOP RESPONSIBLE NONSTOP RELIABLE NONSTOP INTELLIGENT NONSTOP PROGRESSIVE Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Mail Order & Logistics, Newspapers & Graphics Industry, Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Industry SoniXs Sealing Unit | Standard-7 Energy-efficient electrical drives Mosca Digital package NONSTOP PERFORMANCE

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SoniXs TR-Connect - 2

For advanced digital applications, the Mosca Digital package enables users to check machine status via mobile devices regardless of location and time. An open OPC UA interface allows the SoniXs TR-Connect to communicate with a wide variety of machines and systems. Performance: Up to 45 packages per minute (600 x 600 mm) SoniXs Ultrasonic sealing unit in standard-7 version Mosca Digital package Easy accessibility and tool-free disassembly of strap path components Potential-free contacts to upstream and downstream machines Automatic adjustment of the strap tension by package height detection...

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