SoniXs MS-6 with Roller Conveyor


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SoniXs MS-6 with Roller Conveyor - 1

WITH ROLLER CONVEYOR REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR END-OF-LINE [PACKAGING] PERFORMANCE NONSTOP RESPONSIBLE NONSTOP RELIABLE NONSTOP INTELLIGENT NONSTOP PROGRESSIVE Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Mail Order & Logistics, Construction & Containers, Food & Beverage SoniXs Sealing Unit | Standard-6 Energy-efficient electrical drives Lateral Position of Sealing Unit NONSTOP PERFORMANCE

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SoniXs MS-6 with Roller Conveyor - 2

Easy accessibility and tool-free disassembly of strap path components Pneumatic side-pusher Potential-free contacts to upstream and downstream machines [Base] •  Signal exchange via 16-pin plug •  Automatic switch of strap patterns via sensors or interface signal Automatic adjustment of the strap ension by t p ackage height detection [Pro] •  Automatic machine adaptation to ackage p dimensions to optimize the strapping process via sensors or interface signals •  Variably assignable signal exchange in infeed and outlet •  Best product processing by possible assignment of package-depending...

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