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our service concept with all-round carefree package

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Companies operating worldwide often need to secure goods for transport at different locations. They expect the same quality and reliability no matter where they operate. You can expect consistently high quality from our technologically advanced strapping machines, equipment and strapping material. In addition, we provide an excellent service network with an outstanding range of support. For you it means that you can get exactly what you need, wherever you are, very quickly. We developed a standardized maintenance concept called ONE Service, which guides our service technicians and those...

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Preventive Maintenance & Contracts ONE Service maintenance concept Maintenance contracts Our standardized ONE Service maintenance concept offers high-quality maintenance and comprehensive services, not just when there is a malfunction. We work closely with you to offer maintenance services that extend the service life of the Mosca machines in your company. Our services are optimally adapted to your needs and work processes. We focus on offering the consistently high standards of service quality worldwide. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been working with the same sets of maintenance...

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ONE Service - Support by MOSCA - 4

Service & Repairs Worldwide service network Service network in Germany We offer you a global service network that is unique in the industry. More than 100 Mosca service technicians and over 30 additional specialists employed by partners all over the world ensure that our strapping machines run perfectly at every location. A central coordination and a service team operating throughout Germany ensure the shortest possible response times in case of a malfunction. Based at our headquarter in Waldbrunn, we plan and coordinate all activities of our service team and support customers in all...

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Equipment and qualifications Our field technicians can be immediately recognized by their Mosca uniforms. They come equipped with a defined set of standard replacement parts. We train our technicians both in-house and externally for their work. For example, they are certified by TÜV as a known consignor and are fully qualified for testing mobile electrical work equipment in compliance with VDE 07010702 and according to German Social Accident Insurance Regulation 3 (BGVA3). Our technicians are well qualified to react to the demands resulting from rapid technical development and our growing...

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ONE Service - Support by MOSCA - 6

Technical Training Our service doesn't end after the machine is installed at your company's site. We believe that proper operation of our strapping machines and systems can significantly extend their service life. To this end we offer technical training courses for every machine type and skill level. These courses show operators how each machine and performance spectrum can be optimally used. Your benefits: Competent trainers with many years of experience Modern training centers Training courses at two locations – Waldbrunn and Hannover In-house training on your site Fair and transparent...

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ONE Service - Support by MOSCA - 7

Installations & Relocations Set-up and initial operation Relocation of strapping machines and systems As a manufacturer of high-quality strapping machines and packaging systems, we are happy to support you in the professional installation of your new machines and systems. We also make your personnel familiar with the machine. You benefit from the comprehensive expertise of our service technicians and their full support in setting up your machines. You can rely on our expertise when it comes to relocating strapping machines and systems. Your benefits: The machine is optimally adapted to the...

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ONE Service - Support by MOSCA - 8

Performance Services In addition to our ONE Service maintenance and support portfolio, our customers worldwide can now receive individual guidance on how to continuously optimise and increase the efficiency of their Mosca machines. The new component 'Performance Services' underscores the ONE Service mission to ensure customers receive reliable, targeted support throughout the entire life cycle of their equipment. Modifications & Retrofitting To ensure that your strapping machine is optimally suited to your requirements at all times, we are at your side with our know-how. Through...

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MOSCA GMBH Gerd-Mosca-Straße 1 D-69429 Waldbrunn/Germany Tel.: + 49 6274/932-0 Fax: + 49 6274/932-400 118 E-Mail: Internet: MOSCA Sales & Service GmbH & Co. KG Gerd-Mosca-Straße 1 D-69429 Waldbrunn/Germany Tel.: + 49 6274/932-0 Tel. Tech. Service: + 49 6274/932-146 E-Mail: Internet: 03/21 Subject to Alterations

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