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STRAPPING MATERIALS REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR END-OF-LINE [PACKAGING] PERFORMANCE NONSTOP RESPONSIBLE NONSTOP RELIABLE NONSTOP INTELLIGENT NONSTOP PROGRESSIVE Environmental friendly Strap PET Strap from 100 % recycled PET Bottle Flakes Strap from Bio-PP 100 % aligned to Circular Economy Strap Production powered with Green Energy NONSTOP PERFORMANC

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Mosca Strapping Materials - 2

STRAPPING MATERIALS PP strapping is particularly suitable for strapping packages, cartons or other containers, as well as lighter pallets. After use, it can be easily fed back into the material cycle. Advantages: • Completely recyclable •  Minimal material usage for product packaging •  Constantly high quality • Failure-free treatment • Short-term availability Most frequent fields of application: •  General logistics (boxes of corrugated cardboard, styrofoam, plastic) •  Printing industry (newspaper, magazines) •  Corrugated cardboard industry (folding boxes, cut-outs) •  Tins and bottles...

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