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MOSCA360° The Magazine for Strapping Solutions Awarded for Sustainability MOSCA tops the list of Germany's most sustainable machine manufacturers Flexible and Efficient Two-in-one functionality for pallet strapping with the KZV-321 Digitalisation on the Rise Digital sales channels, online events and virtual showroom

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Dear Readers, Who would have thought a year ago that the biggest business challenge in 2021 would not be to sell products in a pandemic, but to procure the raw materials needed for production? From wood to plastics, many suppliers are – for various reasons – unable to meet the strong market demand. Prices are rising and deliveries delayed or cancelled. Our production operations have also been affected by these circumstances. Longer delivery times are unavoidable at the moment and some orders cannot be completely filled all at once. It goes without saying that we will stand by your side as...

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MOSCA Group Code of Conduct – Our compulsory guidelines for responsible behaviour Economic and ethical behaviour are inseparably linked for MOSCA GmbH and all group subsidiaries. We believe that sustainable, economic value creation is only possible if moral values are upheld. We therefore promote and expect the implementation of high legal, ethical, ecological and social standards in our company, as well as among our busi- ness partners. For us, sustainability primarily means preserving our environment for future generations and respecting our employees, business partners and society. From...

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MOSCA celebrates 55 years the ONE Service concept, which ensures our customers to ping, we guarantee product protection against moisture or lished under his leadership. Kugler explains: "We have – and the lowest possible material consumption. This is an receive the same high-quality service worldwide, was estab- expanded our sales structure in recent years, primarily with international branch offices. In the last three years alone, we have set up five new subsidiaries in France, Hungary, Japan, Brazil and Singapore." In 2021, offices for Benelux and India joined the MOSCA group....

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Expansion of end-of-line portfolio with MOVITEC With the acquisition of MOVITEC Wrapping Systems on 18 March 2021, the end-of-line portfolio of MOSCA expanded. MOVITEC will operate under its current management as an independent brand within the global MOSCA Group. Founded in 2004, MOVITEC currently has around 50 employees and is based in Alcoletge, Spain. In many industries, complete systems consisting of strap- recycled materials are used to manufacture PET strap- used very often in many industries, as the use of two sys- gained from our own developments to MOVITEC. Working ping technology...

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Awarded for sustainability MOSCA is one of the TOP award winners in the “Germany’s Best – Sustainability” category of Focus Money’s awards for German companies. MOSCA has thus set the benchmark for the industry in the “Mechanical and Plant Engineering” category, in which 34 companies were ranked. The award was made as part of the “Germany’s Best – Sus- tainability” study conducted by the IMWF (Institute for Management and Economic Research) on behalf of Focus Money and Deutschland Test. The study looked at around 24,000 companies and brands in the period from March 2020 to February 2021. By...

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Strapping machines and Cobots – a powerful team The combination of different solutions often results in greater potential for optimising workflows and processes. This was clearly the case with a MOSCA project that focused on the interaction between strapping technology and a collaborative robot. The system was designed, set up and tested by the MOSCA Innovation Management unit in cooperation with a group of trainees. The project was carried out in cooperation with Universal Robots and used a collaborative robot, or Cobot, in different scenarios. The first scenario involved basic bundling...

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UCB machine with banding technology To meet the demand for the best possible transport security for every product, a banding system was integrated into our UCB fully automatic corrugated cardboard strapping machine. This model will now be capable of reliably and gently securing even the most fragile products. to the process used for strapping, we rely on ultrasonic technology to seal the banding film. Unlike a thermal process, energy is only required at certain points and there are no warm-up phases. The UCB enables more sensitive banding with its self-learning teach-in function. The...

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KZV-321 secures single and double pallets With two-in-one functionality for pallet strapping, the KZV-321 is a flexible, high-performance strapping machine. It easily adapts to a variety of product shapes and is ideal for logistics and transport of goods. then close the frame at the appropriate height and the lower than previous KZV versions. This machine requires variant helps us support our customers by making their KVZ-321 securely straps the package. “This new machine processes more efficient and reliable,” explains MOSCA CEO, Timo Mosca. Strong interlocking through the pallet base The...

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The so-called Millennials are the decision-makers of Sales channels of the future Young startup companies like PackPart are aiming to close between 1981 and 1998. They are considered the first form for packaging machine manufacturers and their poten- tomorrow. Millennials are generally defined as those born generation to have grown up as ‘digital natives’ with PCs and the Internet. According to a study by Roland Berger GmbH, 46 percent of B2B decisions in the USA are already being influenced by people under the age of 35. In Germany, the figure is only slightly lower. this gap. Founded in...

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Shortage of plastics Where it originates and how MOSCA copes with it Our sales department responsible for consumables has re- In fact, the demand for plastics used in the production of ding longer delivery times and higher prices. We would like leading to shortages on the market as early as mid-2020. ceived a growing number of queries from customers regarto use this channel to clarify the issue, explain the currently tense situation and shed light on the latest developments. Outsourced materials from all commodity groups have become scarce across Europe. Companies in most industries are...

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