KZV-311 Pallet strapping machine


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KZV311 REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR END-OF-LINE [PACKAGING] PERFORMANCE NONSTOP RESPONSIBLE NONSTOP RELIABLE NONSTOP INTELLIGENT NONSTOP PROGRESSIVE Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine Mail Order & Logistics, Food & Beverage, Corrugated ardboard & Paper, Construction & C Container, Newspapers & Graphics SoniXs Sealing Unit | Lateral mounted Energy-efficient electrical drives NONSTOP PERFORMANCE

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KZV-311 Pallet strapping machine - 2

* with 4 vertical strappings (depending on size) Strap dispenser Straps: Standard machine grade PP or PET straps* PP straps: Width: 12 mm Thickness: 0.8 mm PET straps: Width: 9.5 – 12.5 mm Thickness: 0.54 – 0.66 mm * Deviations possible with KSR-2 and HL sealing unit Strap Tension: 200 – 2,500 N infinitely adjustable *Deviations possible with KSR-2 and HL sealing unit Complete electric control for automatic and s emiautomatic operation in the operator panel Siemens PLC control with touch panel 1,857 Different Models: [KZV-311] •  Lateral mounted sealing unit •  Sealing unit moveable towards...

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