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KOV-315 - 1

Picture with options KOV 315 Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine Secure Pallet Loads or Stacked Boxes, Trays and Blocks with Polyester Straps

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KOV-315 - 2

EXCELLENCE IN STRAPPING SOLUTIONS KOV 315 Technical Data Capacity: MOSCA-strapping machines are series-produced based on a modular principle. Sturdy design. Program-controlled integration in conveyor lines. Fully automatic horizontal strapping in various height-positions. Robust doublecolumn in modular steelsheet construction. Strap despenser for slack accumulation and take-up of excess strap. Easy and fast reloading of coils. Particularly suitable machine for automatic strapping of pallet loaded goods of stacked boxes, trays and blocks. Friction-weld sealing. Approx. 10 sec. each...

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