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KOF-611 - 1

KOF611 REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR END-OF-LINE [PACKAGING] PERFORMANCE NONSTOP RESPONSIBLE NONSTOP RELIABLE NONSTOP INTELLIGENT NONSTOP PROGRESSIVE Automatic Strapping Machine Construction & Container SoniXs Sealing Unit | Bottom mounted Energy-efficient electrical drives Manual scantling device (option) NONSTOP PERFORMANCE

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KOF-611 - 2

KOF-6 AUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINE FOR THE TIMBER INDUSTRY TECHNICAL DATA STANDARD FEATURES DIMENSIONS / WORKING WIDTH MACHINE (in mm; Picture includes options) Performance: SoniXs Ultrasonic sealing unit Approx. 12 seconds per strapping cycle at a frame size of 1,200 x 1,300 mm -------------------- Strap dispenser 1,200 x 800 mm Potential-free contacts to upstream and The automatic strapping machine KOF-611 straps products vertically on the table and is particularly suitable for bundling heavy and bulky goods such as wooden slats. It can be integrated into both semi-automatic and fully...

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