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System provider All models of the EVOLUTION series use solid and tear-resistant polypropylene straps. They can be delivered directly from Mosca on request – regardless of whether the scope of the order is a single box or container load. Mosca produces PET and PP straps in one of the most modern facilities in Europe, near the company’s headquarters in the South of Germany. In all models of the EVOLUTION series, PP straps suitable for automatic machines of between 5 to 12 mm width can be used. They are environmentally friendly, safe to use with food and free of pollutants. The standard color is black. On request, other colors and dimensions can be manufactured in the same quality. Article No. PP05155040 PP05155047 PP06900055 PP08155045 PP09155055 PP10900055 PP12155055 PP12155063 EXCELLENCE IN STRAPPING SOLUTIONS The new EVOLUTION Variety with quality EXCELLENCE I N STRAPPI NG SOLUTI ONS

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Evolution SoniXs MP-6 B - 2

One machine - suitable across all industries The Standard 6 sealing unit The automatic strapping machines of the MP series have been standing the test of time across the world. They are solid, reliable and easy to operate. In the generation EVOLUTION, modern technology meets tradition. The advanced high-end Standard 6 sealing unit sets standards for automatic strapping machines at entry level. EVOLUTION For the EVOLUTION, the way the strap travels was unified and a welding unit was developed to Standard 6. All three base models use the same technology and the same aggregate. The...

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Evolution SoniXs MP-6 B - 3

EVOLUTION table / belts / rollers VARIETY WITH SYSTEM Standard features SoniXs MP-6 T / MP-6 B / MP-6 R: • Modular construction • Ultrasonic sealing system with electronic self-calibration • High-end Standard 6 sealing unit • Easy accessibility and tool-free disassembly of strap way components • Wear-free DC drives with integrated electronics • Stepless turnable operation panel for many-sided operation • Adjustable strap tension via potentiometer • Programmable strap tension value • Switching from maximum to material-friendly Eco-speed in the control • Cycle counter integrated in the...

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Evolution SoniXs MP-6 B - 4

EVOLUTION table version (T) Options: • Cost-efficient, pneumatical hold-down device TECHNICAL DATA • Table extension Capacity: • Balls or rollers in the table plate • Automatic adjustment of the strap tension by package height detection Weight: • Lowering chassis H = 730 – 835 mm to the front and rear, or outwards Frame sizes: • Manual strapping release via additional fixed or flexible foot pedal • Automatic strapping release via ball switch or light sensor • Early strap ending indication with signal in the OP • Parameter control point for setting strapping parameters • 4 swivel castors •...

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Evolution SoniXs MP-6 B - 5

EVOLUTION belts version (B) The fully automated belts version of the EVOLUTION can be easily integrated into automated production lines. The conveying speed of the belts is signal controlled. Depending on the conveying speed and the product sizes, performances of up to 35 packages per minute can be achieved. For different applications, frame sizes of 600 mm, 800 mm or 1000 mm width are available. The belts version is equipped with Mosca's unique ultrasonic sealing technology SoniXs integrated into the Standard 6 unit as a standard. Options: • Cost-efficient, pneumatical hold-down device •...

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Evolution SoniXs MP-6 B - 6

EVOLUTION rollers version (R) EVOLUTION rollers version (R) For heavy loads, the EVOLUTION series offers a fully automatic “rollers” version, which can be integrated into production lines just like the “belts” version. The conveying speed is frequency controlled by up to 1 meter per minute to achieve the maximum performance of 35 packages per minute. Mosca offers optional add-ons including a holddown device, safety rollers and lowering chassis for the basic model, which is available in three frame sizes of up to 1000 mm width. Logistics operations dealing with varying product heights, in...

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