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Applications: # Motion Analysis # Sports Finish Line # Life Science # Military # Troubleshooting # Asset Mapping _ J Features: # Real time video recording to hard disk or RAM at up to 6 Gbytes/second. # Acquire in monochrome or color, from GigE Vision, analog, digital, CoaXPress, Camera Link and USB 3.0 Vision cameras.* # Acquire video as AVI, MOV, uncompressed or compressed with any Windows or Apple compatible CODEC installed.* # VCR style controls: Record, Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Stop and Pause. « Export images as BMP, TIFF, multi-TIFF, JPEG, PNG, FITS, AVI, MOV. # Time Stamps with LTC, IRIG B and GPS coordinates. # Color balance, histogram and other real time image processing functions. # Supports a wide selection of frame grabbers and cameras. # Windows 7, 8 and 10 in 32 and 64 bit. # Multiple language supports Chinese, German, Korean, French and more to come.

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# Continuous video lap recording. • Window leveling. • Bayer Conversion. • Trigger on event or level. # Recording script. (..contd) Features: # Time lapse video acquisition. # Use off the shelf hardware technology. • Record Audio. • Add time stamps, text comments or bitmap images as overlays on each image. New DAQ module: # Record DAQ, analog data from digital or analog boards. # Acquired data displayed with customizable data graphs. # Playback synchronized video with DAQ, audio. # Export DAQ files to standard .csv files for post processing. New DMI Module: # Synchronize image capture rates...

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# BWave Audio Recording: Multi-layered audio recording synchronized. # Motion Detection: Detect motion or change main image to generate a trigger. # Color Remapping LUT: LUT Transformations. • PrePost Module: Record before and after an event. # Pulse Generator Module for triggering: Synchronize multiple cameras simultaneously. • ATS: Accurate Time Source. # TV out: Secondary full screen. • LTC: Time stamping for audio and video. Hermes API and Module SDK: • StreamPix is built upon the Hermes API. • The API is a set of easy to use C++ or .NET libraries. • Modules for grabbing, scripting,...

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Turnkey Systems: Features: # Record up to 6 Gigabytes/second. # Camera Link, CoaXPress, USB3.0 Vision, GigE and 10 GigE Vision cameras. # Single or multiple camera setup at up to 24 cameras. NorPix, Inc. 1751 Richardson St., Suite 6117, Montreal (QC) H3K 1G6 Canada Tel: (514) 846-0009 x 22 Fax: (514) 846-0117 E-mail:

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