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Wind Turbine Pitch Valve


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Wind Turbine Pitch Valve - 1

Wind Turbine Pitch Valve Offering safe pitch control in harsh environments The Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Valve has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements for wind turbines while maintaining the high performance and advanced options of our proven technology. Based on the industry-leading technology of the Moog Direct Drive Valve D636, this product delivers superior axis control, remote monitoring capabilities and advanced communication options. Features and Benefits 99 Closed-loop pitch control by the valve saves PLC operation and communication load The integrated digital electronics offer higher flexibility by enabling the user to configure the characteristics to meet the unique requirements of the wind turbine installation. Customer specific firmware parameters can be saved and used for configuration of new valves for easy commissioning and replacement as plug and play. Fieldbus communication offers the option of condition visualization and adjustment via programmable logic controller (PLC) and remote systems, allowing for remote monitoring and diagnostics. 99 Flexibility in firmware to meet the unique requirements of your installation The control architecture of this valve makes it ideal for the pitch control application. The valve receives the blade pitch position command directly from the PLC. Pitch sensor feedback can be delivered in three ways: via fieldbus, analog interface or digital interface. The control loop is closed by the valve keeping the pitch of the individual blade to the value set by the PLC. When loosing PLC control or when a failure occurs in one of the blade pitch systems the inter-valve communication returns the blade pitch to a safe position in a controlled way. Other failsafe options can be implemented with redundant communication to PLC via fieldbus and analog signals. 99 Long life design reduces maintenance costs In addition to superior design and performance, Moog‘s valves are manufactured and tested to ensure they meet world-class standards for performance, long service life and easy maintenance. Moog Global Support™ gives you the confidence that your valve can be repaired or replaced easily anywhere in the world and offers you access to expertise and a range of value-added services. your partner IN pitch control 99 Multiple failsafe options 99 Powerful monitoring capabilities via fieldbus 99 Easy plug and play commissioning and replacement 99 Robust design proven in harsh environments Applications 99 Offshore and onshore wind turbines

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Specifications Technical data General technical data Q [%] 100 QN 80 Command signal [%] Flow-signal characteristic Model Valve design Actuation Mounting surface Installation position Mass Storage temperature range Ambient temperature range Vibration resistance Shock resistance Hydraulic data Maximum operating pressure Port P, A, B Port T Maximum flow Rated flow at ΔpN 35 bar/spool land (500 psi/ spool land) Hydraulic fluid Temperature range of hydraulic fluid Spool position without electrical supply P 3-way operation with failsafe function D931 1-stage, with standard spool Direct operated...

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