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Two Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Model 292


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Two Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Model 292 - 1

Two Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Model 292 Focal Technologies Corporation, a Moog Inc. company, has over 30 years of expertise in supplying standard and custom marine products for harsh environment applications and is a leading manufacturer of high performance and high quality fiber optic rotary joints. Contact Focal for any assistance in selecting the best solution for your requirements. The Model 292 is an ultra-compact, two pass, multimode fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ). It is passive and bidirectional, and allows the transfer of optical signals on two separate optical fibers across rotational interfaces. The Model 292 can be combined with our electrical and fluid slip rings, giving a single, compact package for optical signals, electrical power and fluid transfer. Features & Benefits • Provides rotary coupling for two multimode fibers • Passive bidirectional optical transmission • Can be combined with various electrical slip rings and fluid unions • Smaller and more compact than the legacy model 215 with improved back reflection performance • Customized mounting flanges available • Optional 90 degree cable exits at either end of the FORJ • Optional fluid-filled version for deep submergence to 10,000 psi (69,000 kPa) • Can be integrated into existing slip ring designs • Stainless steel housing • Long life • Rugged design - MIL-STD-167-1 ship vibration - MIL-STD-810 functional shock (40 g) Applications • Winches and cable reels for remotely operated vehicles • Remote I / O in industrial machinery • Video surveillance systems • Material handling systems • Sensor platforms • Robots • Turrets The FORJ can be assembled with pigtail lengths tailored to the customer’s application. Housing, mounting flange and drive features can also be customized to meet the customer’s requirements. The Model 292 can also be installed with one or both ends having a 90° cable exit, providing even more flexibility when installing the unit into existing slip ring assemblies or installations with little clearance space.

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Two Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Model 292 - 2

Note: Optical values given are based on use with LED sources 1 Fluid-filled version is slightly larger than shown below All specifications and information are subject to change without notice. Please contact Focal for the latest updates. Focal Technologies Corporation, A Moog Inc. Company

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