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TURRET TEST SYSTEMS HIGH PERFORMANCE 6-DEGREESOF-FREEDOM ELECTRIC MOTION SYSTEMS FOR TANK TURRETS Moog is a world leading supplier of integrated control actuation systems and offers both capability and expertise in design and building both standard and fully customized Turret Test Systems. With global manufacturing and a worldwide support infrastructure, Moog has become a trusted partner of the world's leading armies and weapons platform manufactures. As a result, Moog has supplied thousands of motion platforms to the market place, offering reliable solutions that are easy to maintain and supported worldwide adding significant value for our customers. The Moog Turret Test System is based on a high performance 6 Degrees-ofFreedom (DOF) electric motion system that uses powerful test software to simulate test tracks and test performance of the turret stabilizer. On the top platform of the Turret Tester, the user can install an actual turret or a remote weapon station. It can handle a wide range of payloads up to 28,000 kg (61,700 lb) and meet specific requirements for excursions, velocities or accelerations. The Moog Replication Software Module has been developed to accurately simulate the vehicle movements as recorded on the test track using high precision accelerometers. System identification and iteration is done using state-of-the-art algorithms for quick and easy drive-file development. • Develop and test in-house under controlled conditions vs. uncontrolled remote test track conditions • System is designed to be low-noise and compliant to Human Rated Safety Standards • Speed up of new development process or end-of-line testing • Accurate playback of the target file (RMS error typically <5 %) • User friendly GUI and system design contribute to reduced training time for end-users • Possibility to customize the design of the Turret Tester TEST APPLICATIONS • Development of control and stabilization systems • System integration (e.g., weapon, periscope) • Demonstration of turret performance to customers • End-of-line production testin

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SPECIFICATIONS The Moog Turret Tester is based on a commercial motion system, using electric actuators, servo drives and enhanced real time motion software. The Moog Replication Software Module ensures that the motion profile is accurately reproduced using an automatic 6-DOF multi frequency iterative process. Moog can extensively customize motion systems and top platforms to meet your performance and interface requirements. Model * • Proven Moog software modules for system identification, model analysis, iteration and reporting • Availability to perform Envelope Calculation to determine the...

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