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STATE-OF-THE-ART TIRE COUPLED SIMULATION SYSTEM DESIGNED FOR TEST APPLICATIONS AROUND THE WORLD The application of the latest testing techniques has become a cornerstone for creating successful new designs, ensuring shorter vehicle time-to-market, managing increased regulatory pressures and maintaining cost efficiencies. Unsurpassed innovation and technological expertise combined with close customer collaboration make Moog a leader in the design and development of hydraulic motion test systems. The proven technology expertise of Moog combined with the world class performance of Moog...

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Tire Coupled Simulation System - 3

• Touchscreen tablet or handheld remote • Acoustic environment • Climatic chamber • Integrated safety devices and procedures to protect test specimen and operators The Moog Tire Coupled Simulation System provides vertical inertial loads through the vehicle's tire patch. Simulating vertical acceleration or displacement inputs of the wheel from data collected on the proving ground road, the system is used throughout the vehicle development process. From ride quality evaluations to noise and vibration assessments of design candidates and prototypes, the Tire Coupled Simulation System has...

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Tire Coupled Simulation System - 4

AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS ENSURE BEST PERFORMANCE Each Moog Tire Coupled Simulation System incorporates the world-class performance of Moog products along with proprietary software and test controllers. Every element of the Tire Coupled Simulation System is thoughtfully integrated in the engineering design to offer unsurpassed performance, reliability and longevity. The Moog model LH1 IRS series or the Moog Hydraulic Actuators with hydrostatic bearings are employed in the Tire Coupled Simulation Systems. Hydrostatic bearings allow for higher side loading capability without damage to rod or bearing...

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Tire Coupled Simulation System - 5

GENERAL TECHNICAL DATA AUTOMOTIVE TEST CONTROLLER The Moog Tire Coupled Simulation Systems utilizes the same Automotive Test Controller as other Moog solutions. • Advanced control loop technology SERvOvALvES • Unique control algorithm • Function generator-plays out cyclic commands including sine, triangle, square wave and more • Random Wave-creates random waveform that allows variable Power Spectral Density (PSD) with multiple break points across the frequency spectrum • Sweep function generator-sweeps through a sine function with closed-loop control of defined amplitudes at various...

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Tire Coupled Simulation System - 6

LEADING-EDGE TEST SOFTWARE High-level test sessions can be set up quickly and easily using the test software applications. Store or retrieve test configurations including identification, iteration, sequence editing and more. These features facilitate quick user feedback, total test flexibility and comprehensive test monitoring. Dedicated algorithms allow you to create drive files from road surface files that can be downloaded and played out. Our Moog test software is totally compatible with common data formats on the market today. In addition, our application-specific and PC-based test...

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Moog designs a range of products that complement the performance of those featured in this catalog. Visit our Web site for more information and the Moog facility nearest you. India +91 80 4057 6605 Moog is registered trademarks of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. All trademarks as indicated herein are the property of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks Inc. LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments Inc. Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont Inc. ©2010 Moog Inc. All rights reserved. All changes are...

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