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Moog has designed and manufactured components and systems for spacecraft and launch vehicles for over 60 years. Moog continues to make significant investment in propulsion facilities, metal additive manufacturing, avionics and - 1t• , ■ • * ■ innovative in-space delivery systems. . « i ■ ■ ■•■■*- ■ * ■ ■ COMMITTED TO OUR LEGACY , . '. - ' " • . * , * * • Avionics * . • i • Actuation & Mechanisms * . , . ■’ ■ * i • Propulsion . ’ .. • Power ■ ' , ■ , ‘ * • Structures • Shock & Vibration Control • Engineering Services ’ . . . * ■...

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SPACECRAFT AND SATELLITES Moog is a proven leader in components, subsystems and systems for the spacecraft market, including Spacecraft INTEGRATED SYSTEMS Controls, In-Space Propulsion, Spacecraft Payloads and Mission Planning. Moog has been successfully providing When multiple Moog components are used together in a space system, our spacecraft solutions for science, military, and commercial applications. engineers lead and execute system-level trades, and help define subsystem architectures that support the overall mission. PROPULSION From components to manifolds to complete...

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LAUNCH VEHICLES WILD 2 & GERASIMENKO COMET Magnetospheric ^ Multiscale X TESS* inch Vehicles EARTH/SUN SUN LAGRANGELI JUPITER TROJANS Parker Solar Probe* Spitzer Space Telescope DSCOVR ACE LISA Pathfinder Genesis James Webb Space Telescope’ Herschel Planck . GAIA / MERCURY VENUS SATURN URANUS MESSENGER BepiColombo* LCROSS LRO GRAIL Clementine (DSPSE) LADEE Apollo Program SMART-1 Orion MPCV* Google Lunar X-Prlze Landers* Deep Space Gateway Mars Science Laboratory Mars 2020* Exo Mars* MRO MGS Mars Odyssey Viking-1 Viking-2 MAVEN Phoenix Mars Climate Orbiter InSight* Hope* Juno...

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SPACE ACCESS AND EXPLORATION Moog has provided precision fluid and motion control solutions within the global market since the early 1950s. Extensive experience with electrohydraulic, electromechanical and electrohydrostatic actuation systems, vibration isolation, and fluid control components and systems has helped prepare Moog for the future of spaceflight. ACTUATION Offering Electrohydraulic (EH), Electromechanical (EM) and Electrohydrostatic (EHA) thrust vector control systems for first, second and third stages. PROPULSION A world class provider of fluid and pneumatic controls for...

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FACILITIES AND CAPABILITIES WORLWIDE LAUNCH PLATFORMS Chet Crone +1 (716) 687-4769 SPACECRAFT PLATFORMS Bill Vogt +1 (716) 687-4109 Hot Fire Test Cells Ground Testing Class 10,000 Clean Rooms Metal Additive Manufacturing Full Environmental Testing Over 300,000 ft2 Development Labs, Manufacturing and A&T areas. 54,000 ft2 Electronics Manufacturing and Test

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SPACE AND DEFENSE GROUP Moog Space and Defense company/moog-sdg MoogSDG.USA ©2018 Moog, Inc. All rights reserved. Product and company names listed are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. Form 500-659 0418

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