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Rotor Monitoring Systems Improving rotor performance and protecting the wind turbine from damage The Moog Rotor Monitoring System (RMS) is a proven, robust, measurement system designed specifically for wind turbines that delivers increased turbine availability and improved operation costs over the lifetime of the wind turbine. Moog delivers cost effective, real-time, monitoring and early fault detection for wind turbine operators using fiber optic sensing technology. The Moog RMS helps improve turbine productivity and availability, while reducing the cost of ownership and enabling safer operation. Using technology and deployment methods proven in the wind turbine market, RMS can be retrofitted to an operational turbine in typically two days or installed during turbine manufacture to deliver accurate, reliable data. Moog offers a full data analysis service around the turbine rotor performance that assists OEMs in designing next generation turbines and operators in improving performance and lowering maintenance costs. Advantages • Designed specially for wind turbines • Based on a mature fiber optic sensing platform • Promotes safer operations • Maximizes energy generation capacity • Improves reliability / longevity by avoiding costly secondary damage • Validates design calculations and improve future designs Applications • Turbine rotor performance • Rotor imbalance detection • Blade damage detection Your Partner in Pitch control

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Specifications Blade damage detection Provides real-time alarm notification of damage impacting the structural or aerodynamic performance of a blade. Enables more effective planning of remedial action, preventing costly secondary damage. Rotor imbalance detection Provides real-time data on rotor imbalance, measuring yaw misalignment, wind shear and turbulence in addition to differences in blade mass and aerodynamic performance. RMS imbalance detection enables earlier and planned remedial action, maximizing generation capacity and avoiding costly secondary damage. Technical data Rotor...

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