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Radial Piston Pump Size 250 cm^3


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Radial Piston Pump Size 250 cm3 New version available for high pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) hydraulic systems A new version of the Moog Radial Piston pump is now available with variable displacements up to 250 cm3 for applications requiring high system pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) such as metal forming machinery and presses, heavy industry and plastics machinery. The new RKP 250 is the product of choice for highly dynamic control of hydraulic flow and pressure. The pump is available in a high pressure version for continuous pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) and offers full drive-through capability. The pump is designed to be used in open-circuit systems, has a large suction port and a flowoptimized suction path, ensuring robust suction behaviour, a high speed limit and low noise. The 9-piston rotary group used in the RKP 250 has the typical minimized piston clearance volumes leading to lowest pressure ripple and best noise emission behaviour that is characteristic for this design. Consistent with the design of the smaller RKP-sizes, the RKP 250 is also equipped with the proven, robust control system with sliding stroke ring. The exclusive use of ferrous metals with hardened, wear-resistant surfaces at the part contacts leads to outstanding longevity of this product line in the field. This design also allows special pump versions for use with HFC and HFD fluids. Moog offers a modular design concept with a range of different compensator options: Pressure compensator (F2), combined pressure and flow compensator (R1), fixed displacement (B1), dual displacement (N1). The RKP-D with a highly dynamic electro-hydraulic control (D1 to D8) can easily be configured with the Moog Pump Configuration Software. Status information, set values and actual values are displayed graphically for quick and easy performance monitoring, trouble shooting and tuning. Advantages • Proven, robust design with long service life, low noise and high efficiency • Combinations with other RKP and pumps with standard interfaces (SAE-A, -B and –C) • Full range of pump size with 500 cm3 possible with the full torque through capability of a RKP 250 double pump arrangement • Flexible configuration with a broad range of compensator types and complex control options • Well suited for a broad variety of special fluids (HFC, HFD, others upon request) • Explosion-proof versions available Applications • Presses • Metal forming machinery • Steel production machinery • Injection molding and die casting machinery WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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Specifications Technical data 250 Pump for open circuit with various control devices End mounting, centering and hole-circle Ø to ISO 3019-2 (metric) Displacement [cm3/rev] Type of construction Pressure side 420 (6,000) Same viscosity as all other displacements, see catalog. Same filtering as all other displacements, see catalog. 1) Maximum speed increase upon request 2) Maximum pressure according to DIN 24312 3) Dirt particles retention rate > 20 μm is 1:75, i.e. 98.67 % Note: For special fluids like HFC and HFD the above pressure, viscosity and filtration parameters may be changed. Moog...

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