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TRUSTS MOOG MEETING YOUR CHALLENGES Motorsport presents a number of unique challenges to motion control suppliers. Whereas Formula 1 looks for low weight, small size and performance, rallying looks for ruggedness and the ability to perform reliably in fairly brutal conditions such as extreme temperatures, adverse weather and demanding time constraints. Moog has been at the forefront of sub miniature actuation systems in motorsport since 1982, initially supplying active ride height equipment to Team Lotus for use on their Lotus 92 Formula 1 car. Over the intervening years, Moog has...

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Applying state of the art testtechniques has become essential in creating successful new high performance automotive products and Moog's technological expertize and reputation for innovation, along with close customer collaboration, are key reasons we have rapidly become a leader in high performance test and simulation systems. Creative designs and incorporation of world-class servomotors and actuators ensure that Moog's systems can reach higher levels of fidelity, efficiency and longevity. Proven experience in flight simulation and an ability to enable human beings to participate in the...

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HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTION SOLUTIONS Whilst we are generally known for our servovalves, we also produce a range of other sub miniature proportional valves and actuators for use in motorsport and other applications requiring high performance solutions and minimized size and weight. The E024 Series Miniature Servovalve is available in two basic versions: a standard version with a linear flow gain characteristic and a high resolution dual gain version. The E024 Series was developed from the proven EO30 Series aerospace servovalve that is widely used for control surface actuation in civil and...

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E050 FUEL REGULATING VALVES The E050 Fuel Regulating Valve is a precision two-stage pressure regulator designed to be used in conjunction with a fixed displacement fuel pump. The two stage design yields a constantfuel pressure independent of pump delivery. Weighing in at just 28 gm (1 oz), it is much smaller and more accurate than a conventional diaphragm valve. E050 OIL PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE The E050 Oil Pressure Regulating Valve uses the established technology of the miniature fuel regulating valve. It is optimized to regulate lubricating oil at Similar to the fuel regulating valve,...

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TOTAL SUPPORT Delivering world-class motion control products and solutions means taking customer support far beyond the initial sale. It requires a dedicated approach to addressing your challenges and helping you achieve maximum productivity on a daily basis. The Motorsport Center incorporates its own production and service facility, complyingto Class 100,000 aerospace clean room standards. In addition to the UK facility, there is a dedicated team of motorsport specialists strategically placed at worldwide With rapid turn-round often required, motorsport customers benefit from a dedicated...

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TAKE A CLOSER LOOK. International motorsport solutions are available around the world. For more information visit our web site or contact one of the locations below. Argentina AMERICAS +54 11 4326 5916 USA +1 734 887 4250 Australia +61 3 9561 6044 Austria +43 664 144 65 80 Brazil +55 11 3572 0400 China +86 21 2893 1600 Ireland EUROPE +353 21 451 9000 France +33 1 4560 7000 Italy +39 0332 421111 Germany...

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