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Programmable Servo Drive with integrated safety functionality


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Programmable Servo Drive with integrated safety functionality - 1

Programmable Servo Drive with Integrated Safety Functionality PL e and SIL 3 certified Integrated safety is the latest addition to Moog‘s Programmable Single and Multi-Axis Servo Drive System. This enables machine builders to implement a complete safety solution using servo drives. The servo drive not only offers approved safety functions per EN 61800-5-2 but also Safety PLC functions. This eliminates the need for external safety PLCs and the associated complexity. Handling of multiple safe inputs and outputs (e.g., emergency stop, mode selectors, light curtains etc.), is performed transparently per a safe cross communication channel linking multiple drives. Programming is achieved with a functional block diagram language similar to IEC 61131-3. This visual approach gives the user an intuitive environment in which to create their safety applications. Integrated safety functionality is available in frame size 1 to 4. Advantages • Integrated safety functions and Safety PLC • Save costs and installation effort due to reduced system complexity and component count • High count of distributed safety I/Os available with the servo drive • Automatic configuration report for validation • Retrofit friendly: Same form and fit to existing drives Applications • Metal forming machinery • Plastics machinery • Test and simulation • Motor winding machinery • Machine tools • Material packaging machinery What moves your world

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Specifications Features - Integrated Functional Safety Safety functions STO Safe Limit Speed Safe Limit Speed maximum Safe Direction Encoder Supervisor Safe Operating Stop Safe Limited Increment Safe Brake Control Safe Cross Communication Servo Drive Software with Safety PLC Functions Programming Validation System Configuration mode Safety acceptance tests Control hardware Safety digital inputs Safety digital outputs Safety digital outputs usable as safe pulse outputs Safe brake outputs Supported safety sensors Light grids, emergency stops, guard doors, laser scanners, mode selector...

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Specifications System Description Setup Moog‘s Programmable Servo Drives with integrated safety functions provide a complete, freely programmable functional safety system for safe handling of machines. In addition to the various safety functions as defined in EN 61800-5-2, the Safe Cross Communication (SCC) feature enables linking up to six servo drives. This provides a complete machine safety solution independent of the control. The SCC allows centralized evaluation of safety switching elements connected to the drives as well as exchange of status information. Programming Creation of...

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Take a closer look. Moog designs a range of motion control products that complement the performance of those featured in this document. Visit our website for more information and contact the Moog facility nearest you. This technical data is based on current available information and is subject to change at any time. Specifications for specific systems or applications may vary. Moog is a registered trademark of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. All trademarks as indicated herein are the property of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. ©2013 Moog Inc. All rights reserved. All...

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