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Power and Voltage-Switching Unit (PVSU)


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POWER MANAGEMENT UNIT_ Power and Voltage-Switching Unit (PVSU) Features • The PVSU combines and modernizes the three most common military ground-mobile power handling LRUs (PDU, PSU, & VSU) • The PVSU utilizes state-of-the-art, self-protected, BIT capable, “Smart Power” switching hybrids and interface circuitry • The PVSU unites an intuitive operator interface with military HFE designed displays and controls • The PVSU provides full BIT/BITE, diagnostics, and fault isolation • The PVSU is the easily integrated, full military environment qualified power handling solution for legacy Platform upgrades and new platform designs Description The power distribution portion current limits, filters and distributes the platform’s prime power source to the platform’s DC power grid • Power system faults are displayed and communicated on the CAN Bus • Electronic “circuit-breakers” can be reset locally or remotely via the CAN Bus The power select portion allows the user to switch between various platform and external power sources • NATO (28V) Receptacle, Auxiliary Power Unit, Shore Power (AC), Inverter outputs, etc. The voltage switching portion displays the State of Health (SoH) for the battery bank(s), the ac input/inverter outputs, and provides optional Battery Bank switching for isolation, load switching, battle-override, and emer

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PVSU Specifications 20 Electronic Circuit-Breakers (ECB) • Configurable 5A to 50A • “Reset” from Front Panel or via CAN Bus • Remote Breaker Assembly provides 20 additional PVSU controlled ECBs Displays • Two, Battery State of Health • Power Fault for ECB status/control • AC & DC Voltage • Two, Inverter Power Status • Display test & brightness functions Comprehensive diagnostics & BIT/BITE • PBIT, CBIT, & IBIT (if required) • Status reported on serial bus (CAN) Communication • CAN Bus • RS232 • GbE Wire/Fiber, standard option • Easily upgraded for other Buses ©2010 Moog, Inc. All rights...

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