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etal forming and presses WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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Motion control solutions that drive machine performance Around the world, machine builders in the metal forming and presses industry are under more pressure than ever before. Today’s tough competitive environment and uncertain economic conditions mean design engineers must continually increase the efficiency and reliability of their machines. They must offer better ways of boosting manufacturing productivity, ensuring safety and providing ever higher parts quality for new generation machines. And provide smart solutions for cost-effective retrofits that add significant value to existing...

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Expertise and innovation across a range of metal forming and press challenges From top global automotive manufacturing facilities to small, specialized job shops, you’ll find Moog motion control solutions that increase productivity, minimize operating costs and improve finished part quality while ensuring operator safety. Through close customer collaboration, we move your design ideas forward and help you solve your toughest engineering challenges. Our hydraulic servo valves, controllers and radial piston pumps are industry standards, while our groundbreaking work in electric servo motors,...

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World-class performance in every product Moog has long been a leader in motion control for metal forming and press applications. When Bill Moog invented the first commercially viable servo valve, his name became synonymous with high performance and versatility. Today, our company provides a vast array of best-in-class hydraulic and electric products and systems for your most challenging machine applications. These “building blocks” are at the heart of all our motion control solutions. Our solutions-based approach means we Servo valves and proportional valves Moog Servo Valves and...

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Servo motors Moog Servo Motors are built to provide the exact torque, speed and power your application requires. Each model delivers high dynamics and reliability, smooth low-speed performance, simple installation and characteristics matched to optimize their performance. PROGRAMMABLE MULTI-AXIS Servo drive System (MSD) The MSD is a new generation of servo drives that provides the highest levels of dynamic response, smooth performance and application versatility. The MSD includes modular servo drives powered by a shared power supply and a motion controller to coordinate motion across...

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Moog global Support Whether you are developing a new generation machine or need ideas and support for a retrofit, Moog is here to help you find the best electric or hydraulic solution. Our trained engineers, based in more than 25 countries around the world, bring a dynamic and collaborative approach to helping you solve your engineering challenges. Rather than starting with a product, we start with a thorough understanding of your application, your technical needs, and your overall objectives. By focusing on your specific requirements, we are able to provide high-performance solutions that...

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TAKE A CLOSER LOOK. Moog solutions for metal forming and presses are only a click away. Visit our Web site for more information and the Moog facility nearest you. Moog is a registered trademark of Moog Inc. All trademarks as indicated herein are the property of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. ©2013 Moog Inc. All rights reserved. Moog Metal Forming and Presses Mobium/Rev. C, October 2013, Id. CDL31330-en

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