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MSD Servo Drive Compact - 1

Modular high performance design for easy installation Based on a modular concept with multiple sizes and options, the MSD Servo Drive Compact Series enables a side-by-side mounting without any clearance, saving valuable space in the cabinet. For easier integration into the machine process, the MSD Servo Drive Compact supports simultaneous feedback sensors and multiple fieldbuses. All interfaces have simple connectors for easy plug and play installation. Most importantly, the MSD Servo Drive Compact Series is flexible and can be used either in high speed fieldbus communication with the central machine controller or as programmable motion control intelligence in the drive controller for a distributed As a part of the Modular Multi-Axis Programmable Motion Control Servodrive (MSD) product series, the Moog Servo Drive Compact Series is designed to meet the challenges of performance-driven machine builders in a variety of industries. Fast control loop update for highest Large range of mains voltages and rated currents for high efficiency of Support of simultaneous feedback Book-form factor - 3 sizes optimized Availability of multiple fieldbuses to support existing systems Built in functional security as 24 V motor brake interface with fault monitoring (open circuit and short Compatible with the existing MSD Servo Drives Series • General industrial machinery WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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MSD Servo Drive Compact - 2

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