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Moog Pitch Control Training - 2

Moog designs, manufactures and supplies high performance electric, hydraulic and hybrid motion control solutions for many industrial applications. For the wind energy sector, we design and manufacture pitch systems, slip ring solutions, blade sensing and rotor monitoring systems that are used around the globe. Thanks to our innovative technology and commitment to solving our customers’ challenges, we ensure the maximum performance and efficiency even in extreme climatic conditions. We set the standards in both onshore and offshore applications, offering tailored solutions to meet the...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 3

MAXIMUM TURBINE PRODUCTIVITY STARTS WITH EDUCATED EMPLOYEES Over 25,000 Moog Pitch Systems and Pitch Products have been installed in onshore and offshore wind turbines worldwide. These are high performance systems and products that require specific expertise from commissioning to repair to troubleshooting. Because technical know-how and skills are a prerequisite for optimized operation, Moog offers a broad selection of training courses. At the Moog Wind Training Center in Unna, Germany, the courses we offer provide insights as well as hands-on technical knowledge. All courses focus on the...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 4

PRACTICAL TRAINING TO HELP YOU ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS The dynamic nature of the wind energy business with its ever-changing technology and systems means that you are constantly faced with new challenges and must also make continuous adjustments to processes and procedures. Training is a critical factor to success. understand the participants’ need for knowledge that is applicable to their day-to-day work and will tailor the course to meet individual requirements. Trainees can combine several training courses or design his or her own personal training package. Moog experts conduct training on a...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 5

IN-DEPTH TRAINING COURSES THAT COVER ALL AREAS OF PITCH CONTROL The following pages provide individual overviews of the various courses available at the Moog Wind Training Center. The courses are organized in three sections. Feel free to combine courses over several days to optimize your travel expenses. • Section one covers the basics of wind turbine technology. • Section two focuses on Pitch Systems. • Section three provides a variety of courses covering individual products within a Pitch System. Information on enrollment, logistics and accommodations is found starting on page 11. Moog...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 6

1 | BASIC TRAINING COURSES 1.1 WIND ENERGY TECHNOLOGY The objective of this class is to provide people who are new to this field with their first introduction to wind energy technology and the design of a wind turbine. You will be introduced to the major components including the Pitch Servo Drive, gear, Pitch System and the connection with the control system. In addition, you will learn about the grid connection of wind turbines. Target group • Industry newcomers • The basics of the major products • Grid connection • Introduction to wind energy technology • The function of a wind turbine...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 7

2 | PITCH SYSTEM TRAINING COURSES 2.1 PITCH SYSTEM - BASICS In this basic training, the set-up and function of Pitch Systems is explained. In addition, issues related to the security, availability and efficiency of wind turbines and their interrelation with Pitch Systems are addressed. After the course, you will be able to operate and maintain them. Target group • Service engineers • Mechanical, Electronics and Mechatronics Technicians • Production staff • Test field staff Prerequisites • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering (training course 1.2 or comparable previous knowledge)...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 8

2 | PITCH SYSTEM TRAINING COURSES CONTINUED 2.3 PITCH SYSTEM – EXPERT This training course will deepen your knowledge on how to enhance performance and optimize operation of Pitch Systems. It will offer fresh approaches and provide practical suggestions for improvements in your system. You will deepen your knowledge of the major areas and will learn about current and state-of-the-art developments. Target group • Developers • Software programmers Prerequisites • Programming knowledge • Practical experience Control system performance Bus configuration and description Electromagnetic...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 9

3 | PRODUCT TRAINING COURSES Product training courses provide a detailed explanation of the different products of a Pitch System, including their functionality. You will be able to plan maintenance intervals, handle potential problems, repair and replace products in an expert manner. Target group • Service engineers • Mechanical, Electronics and Mechatronics Technicians • Production staff • Test field staff 3.1 PITCH SERVO DRIVES (EARLIER MODELS/VERSIONS) Prerequisites • Parameterization • Practical experience would be an asset • Fault analysis • Operation of all basic functionality •...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 10

3 | PRODUCT TRAINING COURSES CONTINUED 3.4 PITCH MOTORS Prerequisites • Technical understanding Number of attendees • Maximum: six Content • Design of AC and DC motors • Series connection and composite connection, synchronous and asynchronous design 3.5 BACKUP SYSTEMS Prerequisites • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering (training course 1.2) Number of attendees • Maximum: six Characteristics Fault analysis Analysis of encoder systems Warning signals Assessment • Examination • Certificate of completion • Fault analysis • Monitoring functions Assessment • Certificate of attendance •...

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Moog Pitch Control Training - 11

TRAINING LOGISTICS Assessments Required tools For selected training courses indicated, you will receive a certificate when you pass a final examination. For all other courses, you will receive a certificate of attendance. For training courses, you will need to bring a laptop with installation rights (except the courses Wind Energy Technology and Practical Electrical Engineering). Please bring safety shoes for all training courses. Course fees Course costs are available upon request. Many courses are customized and we offer multiple course packages. Training fees include training materials...

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