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what happens when you consider the possibilities instead of the limitations? It's time to overcome obstacles. Move out of your comfort zone. Listen to that little voice inside you. Start making your design ideas real. Put new projects in motion. It's time to join forces. Collaborate on what's next. And always look ahead. What moves your world? It's time to find out.

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Even if you don't know our name, you've still experienced what we can do. Moog motion control solutions are quietly at work in every corner of the globe, in a wide array of industrial applications where the highest level of performance is critical to world-class productivity. Our forward-thinking approach to expanding the limits of hydraulic, electric and hybrid control technologies has helped us to earn the confidence of today's most respected design engineers, manufacturing experts and machine builders in markets like plastics, metal forming, and beyond. The power of collaboration Despite...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 6

incrv The pressure has never been greater on manufacturers to achieve greater efficiencies or higher productivity. To produce premium-quality products right off the machine. Or to incorporate new raw materials or manufacturing processes. Likewise, the demands continue to grow on industrial equipment to work harder, faster, longer and at less cost. Depending on the machine, the application, the region or the budget constraints, the right motion control solution may be hydraulic. It may be electric. Or it may require a combination of both. No matter what the technology, Moog's control...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 8

putting collaboration in motion in markets Worldwide How can we help you operate more productively? More precisely? More economically? By carefully analyzing your system requirements, your current technologies, your technical specifications and your overall performance objectives, and working together to help bring your ideas to life, we're making a real difference in today's most dynamic markets. Energy Production and Gnration Machinery Wind Turbines The motion control challenges for wind turbines are particularly complex, ranging from assuring efficiency to increasing reliability and...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 9

Metal Forming Machinery and Presses Leading machine builders understand that with the right motion control solutions, they can achieve higher productivity, better precision and greater part-to-part consistency. From closed-loop cushion control on vertical stamping presses to closed-loop, high-performance solutions for press brakes to electric motion control solutions on bending, powder and punch presses, Moog continues to set the pace in this dynamic industry. What's more, our experts are continually working to develop new hybrid solutions for greater efficiencies and productivity in metal...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 10

building better solutions For more than 60 years, Moog products have been specified for some of the world's most critical motion control applications. As new applications arise, our design teams work closely with customers to add new items to our extensive product rosters. Some are tailored for use in one-of-a-kind installations. Others become standard equipment on machines across many industries. These state-of-the-art products are continuously improved to take advantage of the latest technology breakthroughs and advancements. They are fundamental to the success of the high-performance...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 11

Servo Actuators And much more For example, Moog Radial Piston Pumps, Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems and Cartridge Valves uphold our reputation for performance and design modularity. And like our other product lines, these key components are always being redesigned and re-imagined for new and exciting applications. What's next? Today, Moog continues to add to, enhance, reconfigure and redesign our product lines to ensure flexibility in cutting-edge applications. Current product and system initiatives include: Incorporating greater connectivity Օ Adding embedded intelligence and...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 13

ig wherever From designing an electric actuator for flight simulators in the US to helping an Italian steel mill significantly improve its gauge control to working with a Japanese plastics machine manufacturer to develop the next generation of injection-molding machinery, Moog motion control solutions impact companies in more than 150 countries in every corner of the world. Expert services MOOG GLOBAL SUPPORT Our commitment to customer collaboration never ends with the sale. Moog Global Support is our promise to offer world-class repair and maintenance services delivered expertly by our...

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 14

it'stimeto moveahead World-class solutions. Design flexibility. Global depth and support. All delivered by experts who understand your vision and are committed to helping you achieve it. It's what Moog is all about. Whatever your next motion control challenge may be, we invite you to meet with us. Together, we can advance your ideas. Overcome your toughest obstacles. Create better ways of working. And move your world to new places.

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Moog Industrial Capabilities Overview - 16

take a closer look. Moog solutions are only a click away. Visit our Worldwide website for more information and the Moog facility nearest you. Argentina +54 11 4326 5916 Australia +61 3 9561 6044 Brazil +55 11 3572 0400 Canada +1 716 652 2000 China +86 21 2893 1600 India +91 80 4057 6605 Ireland +353 21 451 9000 Italy +39 0332 421 111 Japan +81 46 355 3767 Korea +82 31 764 6711

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