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Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors


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Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors - 1

MAXIMUM DYNAMIC SERVO MOTORS Offering higher productivity for electric motion control systems We understand the challenges that injection molding machine builders face when designing their machine for example for higher performance and faster operation. That's why we provide expert motion control solutions that consistently deliver world-class performance, design flexibility and reliability. Today's performance-oriented injection molding machines need to achieve very short fill times and quick clamping cycles. Traditional electric machine systems have limitations in acceleration and speed caused by the high inertia of their power train. Moog's innovative Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors (MD Series) address the evolving needs for more dynamics and higher performance in industrial applications. This brushless permanent magnet AC servo motor is the centerpiece for low-inertia transmission systems. The unique system architecture ensures a more repeatable process, less overshoot and tighter tolerances on part weight. Moog also provides Servo Drives that are matched to our Servo Motors for optimized system performance. • Greater productivity due to higher performance and faster operation • Improve product quality through more accurate control • Increase energy efficiency by reducing moving masses • Provide a higher level of customer flexibility through a full range of servo motors with the highest Metal forming and presses Injection molding including injections, ejector and core pull axis Blow molding including mold carriage Magnesium molding WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors - 2

TECHNICAL DATA 1) Motor type code (e.g. JSx3-020): J = MD Series Servo Motor S = Standard dynamic, H = High dynamic X = Cooling(C = Natural cooling, F = Fan cooling, W = Liquid cooling) 020 = Stack length, active length in 0.1 in Please see full cata log for details. 2) Nominal speed can be easily adjusted by changing the stator windings. Please refer to your local Moog application engineer for information. Moog has offices around the world. For more information or the office nearest you, contact E-mail: Moog is a registered trademark of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. All...

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