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Hydraulic Pitch Pump Advanced Solutions for Durable and Robust Pitch Control Moog is one of the leading suppliers of variable displacement piston pumps. The wind turbine hydraulic pitch pump has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh environments in wind turbine locations. Our field-proven, robust and contamination-resistant concepts lead to longer product lifetime and higher reliability. Moog has significantly reduced both primary and secondary noise emission levels, delivering overall noise optimization and much less vibration. The result is one of the quietest piston pumps in the marketplace with the same high performance and long life for which Moog is known. The wind turbine hydraulic pitch pump is characterized by a rapid response time and high volumetric efficiency for hydraulic power units (HPU) with demanding flow and pressure control needs. It benefits from a high oil temperature range from -40 to +80 °C (-40 to +176 °F) and a flushing function that starts at -40 °C (-40 °F) to heat the pump up to -15 °C (+5 °F). Operation of the pump itself starts at -15 °C (+5 °F). Our broad product range includes various sizes and pressure levels, single and multiple configurations, several control options and mounting flanges to provide maximum flexibility. The Hydraulic Pitch Pump is suitable for various fluids such as mineral oil, transmission oil and biodegradable oil. Further options and features can be provided on demand. Advantages • Durability, low maintenance requirements and long pump life help to significantly reduce maintenance costs and encourage more uptime • Increased robustness, even under harsh operating conditions • High efficiency leads to low energy consumption • Low sound level • High modularity in design due to a large number of sizes, control types and mounting flanges, as well as approved versions for a variety of operating liquids • Low pressure pulsation • Fast response time for higher dynamic pitch control Applications Hydraulic power units for pitch control solutions • Onshore • Offshore YOUr partner in pitch control

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Specifications Technical Data Displacement [cm3/rev] Type of construction Type of mounting 19 32 45 63 80 100 140 Pump for open circuit with various control devices • End mounting, centering and hole-circle Ø to ISO 3019-2 (metric) • Mounting flange to ISO 3019-1 (inch) Mounting position Weight [kg (lb)] Mass moment of inertia [kg cm2 (10-4 lbf in s2)] Drain line [mm (in)] Type of drive Ambient temperature range [°C (°F)] Maximum housing pressure Maximum speed At inlet pressure 0.8 bar (12 psi) absolute [min-1]1) At inlet pressure 1 bar (15 psi) absolute [min-1]1) For quiet running [min-1]...

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