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High Performance and Total Protection for Offshore Wind Turbines


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High Performance and Total Protection for Offshore Wind Turbines - 1

HIGH PERFORMANCE AND TOTAL PROTECTION FOR OFFSHORE WIND TURBINES Moog’s leading-edge pitch control technologies ensure reliability in the world’s harshest offshore environments. Around the world, leading OEMs and international energy providers depend on high performance Moog solutions to keep their offshore wind turbines operating safely and reliably. In fact, more than 25,000 Moog pitch systems and products, slip ring solutions, and blade sensing systems are in operation worldwide. And our trained technicians provide an unsurpassed level of expertise and support for customers everywhere. A focus on offshore applications For nearly 15 years, Moog has worked with global customers in the wind energy industry. Today, through technological innovation, a rapidly advancing research and development division, and expanded manufacturing capabilities, we remain committed to supporting multimegawatt turbines in the offshore sector. This commitment has helped us become the leading supplier of pitch control products for 5 MW and larger offshore wind turbines. As rotor size increases and the overall size and energy output of offshore wind turbines grows, Moog solutions continue to overcome the challenges posed by offshore applications including: • 24/7 operation • Environmental hazards • Remote operations and diagnostics • More efficient operation Pitch Solutions: Ensuring high performance in hARSH environments • Extending operational life Accurately controlling the pitch of a wind turbine’s blades is essential to the overall performance of the turbine. Particularly in offshore environments, each blade is subjected to instantaneously changing loads and forces. With proven expertise in both electric and hydraulic technologies and the vast global resources of a two-billion dollar corporation, Moog’s collaborative approach to solving customer challenges makes us the ideal partner for pitch control solutions that help your offshore turbines operate safely, more efficiently and more reliably. Pitch Systems – Deliver the maximum efficiency and ensures greater productivity through less maintenance-related downtime. Moog’s flexible pitch solutions enhance the energy efficiency of blades in onshore and offshore locations. Rotor Monitoring Systems – Provide early detection of operational Blade Sensing Systems – Supply accurate real-time information to the pitch system or main controller of the wind turbine. Slip Ring Solutions – Ensure reliable data and power transmission in both electric and hydraulic systems. YOUR PARTNER IN PITCH CONTROL

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Why choose Moog pitch control for your offshore applications? As a world leader in pitch control solutions, Moog offers key advantages to ensure offshore reliability and performance. WORLD-CLASS PRODUCTS Large turbine experience Since equipping the first 5 and 6 MW turbines, Moog has been a pioneer in supplying pitch control systems and products for the world’s largest offshore wind turbines. Today, we’re a leading supplier of electric pitch systems for onshore and offshore wind turbines. Moog designs and manufactures a full array of products for offshore applications including: Proven...

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