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High Performance Solenoids


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High Performance Solenoids Product Guide A complete product line of solenoid solutions for the most demanding applications. • Armament Equipment • Cockpit Locks • Medical Imaging Device Locks • Missile Launchers • Electric Door Locks • Fuel Management • Ground Vehicles • Instrumentation • Medical Flow Controls • Pilot Safety • Remote Control Units • Safe and Arms Controls

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About Moog Solenoids The Moog solenoid line has been solving problems for over 50 years. We are experts at designing solenoid solutions for complex actuation requirements at Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and many other aerospace system manufacturers. Our reputation is built on providing solenoid actuators that survive harsh environments and are reliable for years beyond normal expectations. Often, as the sole-source provider, we offer innovations and customer support not found anywhere else. You get the advantage of our best engineering at competitive prices. Moog supplies solenoids for...

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High Performance Solenoids - 3

About Moog Components Group Standard Industrial and Medical Linear Solenoids Moog’s standard Iinear solenoids offer a new solution with improved performance. With a legacy of designing and manufacturing solenoids for rugged aerospace and defense projects, Moog has taken that leading-edge experience and developed a new line of standard linear solenoids. Model Force - Stroke / Dimensions (inches) Force - Stroke / Dimensions (millimeters) Push type 0.6 lbf @ .15 stroke @ 20.5 VDC / .500 diameter x 1.00 length 2.7 newtons @ 3.8 / 12.7 diameter x 25.4 length Pull type 0.9 lbf @ .15 stroke @ 20.5...

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Solenoids Linear Electromechanical Actuators Moog leads the way in designing and manufacturing linear electromechanical actuators for armament equipment. These devices provide over 50 pounds of linear force when activated by the internal rotary solenoids moving in a perpendicular plane to the linear motion. Because of this unique design, the linear electromechanical actuator (LEMA) can only be activated by an electronic pulse and is impervious to shock and unintentional activation. Thus, our patented design provides a lot of force (up to 60 lbs) from a relatively small unit and is highly...

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