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Gas and Steam Turbines


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Manufacturers of gas and steam turbines face an array of tough challenges today. Lowering system and operating costs, meeting strict safety and environmental restrictions, and ensuring long service life for their turbines are just a few. Operations running 24/7 also need products and systems that guarantee maximum reliability and vendors that can provide world-class global support. Increasingly, turbine engineers are turning to electric solutions that reduce installation costs, provide clean and reliable operation, require less floor space and ensure simplified maintenance. One of the traditional impediments to electric actuation was ensuring fail-safe protection in the event of an emergency shutdown. Now Moog has developed an electric fail-safe solution featuring a lockable spring-controlled assembly to close/open the valve at emergency condition to a safe position. This technology enables our electric actuator to offer both the performance and safety needed for today's applications. Combining a robust electric product range with technical expertise in all types of turbine applications, Moog can help you maximize your technology investment. ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGIES While customers still lookto Moogfor hydraulic systems, many of the world's leading companies turn to our global team for electric solutions that deliver: • Elimination of potential fire hazards from decentralized power unit • Extensive diagnostic capabilities and easy setup • Simplified maintenance • Overall cost savings compared to hydraulic solutions Moog offers proven experience and products designed for precision performance in areas including: • Gaseous fuel control • Liquid fuel control • Inlet guide vane control • Combustor by-pass • Bleed valve control • Steam admission control • Steam extraction control • Steam by-pass control • Active instability control (AIC) • Wet NOx control (steam and water) WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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PRODUCTS FOR TODAY'S TOUGH APPLICATIONS MOOG HAS PROVIDED MORE THAN 10,000 PRODUCTS TO MORE THAN 1,000 PLANTS WORLDWIDE. KEY PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Electric Fail-Safe Actuator • Features a patented, lockable spring-controlled assembly • Offers a more high performance reduction of hydraulic systems piping, further lowering installed cost, interface complexity and installation time 80 Series Hydraulic Actuator • More compact design requires lower actuation force • Integrates fail-safe spring balance control valve technology • Features a modular manifold with a high-performance Moog Servovalve for...

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