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Frameless Permanent Magnet Alternators Inside Rotor


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Inside Rotor Brushless Motors Frameless Permanent Magnet Alternators Outside Rotor Brushless Motors Inside Rotor TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Direct Drive Brushless Motors • Auxiliary power generation • Wind energy • Onboard power generation for manned and unmanned vehicles Position Sensors Brush Motors • Compact • Continuous AC output power from 345 W to over 36 kW • Double insulated high temp magnet wire minimizes leakage current and provides good thermal resistance • Stable high temp encapsulation material minimizes movement or working of windings under large temperature variations. • Rare earth magnets • High power density • Large through bores Drive Electronics • Winding options to adjust the output power and output voltage • Varying stack lengths from 0.10 to over 30 inches (2.54 to 762 mm) • Mounting flanges, hubs, mounting holes and connectors may be added as required The AG Matrix™ Series alternators are used in applications that require high power density. The designs are optimized for maximum output power and maximum efficiency. Utilizing high energy rare earth magnets and dense slot fills, the AG Series achieves higher AC output power. This provides the highest performance per volume and minimizes the alternators footprint within the system. The alternators are supplied as a direct drive rotor / stator frameless part set that is directly attached to the load. This form of attachment eliminates backlash and increases stiffness for an optimized direct drive system. The AG Matrix Series is a family of alternators consisting of a wide range of sizes, outside diameters from 5.25 to 22 inches (133.35 mm to 558.8 mm) with multiple stack sizes and winding options for each diameter. Along with our standard Matrix alternators, our engineers design custom solutions. If our existing models don’t meet your needs, we will tailor them or provide options for a best value solution to meet your exact requirements. Integrated Mechanisms Application Information Note: This catalog contains basic marketing information and general part descriptions of Moog Components Group product lines. With respect to the U.S. export regulations, the products described herein are controlled by the U.S. Commerce Department or the U.S. State Department. Contact Moog Components Group for additional detail on the export controls that are applicable to your part. Moog Components Grou

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AG Matrix Series Specifications Inside Rotor Brushless Motors Specification and numbering system Part Numbering System Guide MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTIC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTIC SPECIAL DESIGNATOR C - Connector E - Silicon Lamination H - High Temperature S - Rare Earth Magnet Direct Drive Brushless Motors OUTSIDE DIAMETER EXAMPLES (Not including mounting lip) 5.250 inch (133.35 mm) 7.350 inch (186.69 mm) 12.600 inch (320.0 mm) 15.275 inch (387.98 mm) Refer to alternator data table for standard offerings Outside Rotor Brushless Motors 1. Eccentricities from the inner member mounting surface...

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Inside Rotor Brushless Motors AG-5250 Matrix Series Specifications AG-5250-( )-( ) SERIES SPECIFICATIONS @ 25°C Part Number Continuous Rated Outside Rotor Brushless Motors Input Torque at Rated Speed lb.ft (N.m) Direct Drive Brushless Motors Brush Motors *Dimensions do not reflect mounting lip. Application Information Integrated Mechanisms Drive Electronics Position Sensors Stack lengths from 0.25 to 10.00 inches (6.35 to 254 mm) Moog Components Group

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