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Falsafe Electro Mechanical Actuator


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FAILSAFE ELECTRO- High performance electric technology for failsafe operation Hydraulic systems dominate various control applications in the power generation industry due to their capability to reliably shut down in failure situations. When a shutdown is required, hydraulic systems provide the ability to close valves against gas pressure. However, these same hydraulic systems pose cost, complexity and physical space challenges due to the implied need for hydraulic infrastructure. Moog has introduced an electric solution that eliminates the hydraulic infrastructure and provides safer, more compact and more cost-effective performance—plus the necessary failsafe protection in the event of an emergency shut-down. Moog's integrated solution includes an failsafe electro- mechanical actuator, Moog Motion Controller and Servo Drive as well as application software. Working in close collaboration with our customers, Moog engineers developed a patented, state-of-the-art solution: the first electro-mechanical failsafe mechanism to meet performance and safety requirements. In fact, Moog's electric solutions are approved to FM, CSA, and ATEX standards for use in hazardous areas. The solution reduces installation and maintenance effort bringing the advantages of electric control to the power generation market. • Ensures highest safety level via decoupled control and fast closing spring mechanism. • Eliminates potential fire hazards from high-pressure oil leaks. • Moog Servo Controller frees the processing power for other functions • Delivers clean energy and low maintenance costs of electric pneumatic auxiliary systems. • Helps to reduce the life cycle costs of the equipment: lower cost of • Enables preventative maintenance operational costs. • Steam turbine applications • Installation in harsh environments hydraulic actuators WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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SYSTEM OVERVIEW FAILSAFE ELECTRO-MECHANICAL ACTUATOR Comparison of Moog Electro-mechanical Actuator to Conventional Hydraulic Systems FAILSAFE ELECTRO- MECHANICAL ACTUATOR • Operating lifetime until the first major overhaul equivalent load cycles • TUVtype approvaltest moving parts Note: The Moog failsafe electro-mechanical actuator can be tailored to meet your specific needs in terms of environmental and performance requirements (e.g. higher temperatures and forces,

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SYSTEM COMPONENTS MOOG SYSTEM FOR GAS AND STEAM TURBINES The Moog failsafe solution for power generation systems includes several Moog-designed and -built building block products, including the failsafe electro-mechanical actuator, a decentralized motion control system (using Moog Motion Controllers and Servo Drives) and application software for homing, diagnostics and safety functions. FAILSAFE ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Our patented, failsafe electro-mechanical actuator, suitable for hazardous areas, controls the flow characteristics of the process valve defined by the position commands of the...

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FAILSAFE MODES FAILSAFE MODES The system features a lockable, spring- controlled assembly with the highest safety level due to decoupled control and fast-closing spring mechanism. In addition to the conventional working principle (spring assembly performing a push), Moog offers the option of having a reverse mechanisim, where the spring assembly is pulled back in case of absolute position sensors Toggle lever system to keep spring compressed with magnetic locking Absolute valve _ position sensor Valve spindle connection Connection plate - valve spindle MOOG GLOBAL SUPPORT" Wherever you are...

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