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Easy-Connect-Version of Fieldbus Servo Valve


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VERSIONOF FIELDBU SERVO VALVES Easier connection and reduced cablin Moog has been providing high-performance proportional and servo valves to machine builders for 60 years. The introduction of fieldbus communication gives several advantages: fewer analog interfaces, a higher degree of automation, more diagnostic features and better integration to the control system. Introducing a fieldbus interface, normally involves the introduction of additional cables and connectors. In some applications this is not desirable and therefore a new In this special version of the direct operated Servo Valves Series D636 and D637, the communication and the 24 VDC valve power supply are combined in one mini style connector. This arrangement allows serial communication via the CAN in Automation (GA) 303 standard fieldbus to a maximum of 8 valves. The result is a more robust system providing several competitive advantages, particularly reduced costs and enhanced maintenance. The use of a common cable for both fieldbus and power supply, effectively creating an electrical common rail, allows valve connection by means of a simple single cable. • Simplifies and reduces cost of connectors and cable installation • A simple modular cabling structure of hydraulic valves in the machine • Space saving compact design • Robust structure for harsh environments with protection • Mining machinery • Metal forming machinery • Industrial machinery WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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TECHNICAL DATA For more information refer to the cátalos CONNECTOR LAYOUT Application example: The connection between the axis is modular both in terms of hydraulic and electric connections Moog has offices around the world. For more information or the office nearest you, contact E-mail: Moog is a registered trademark of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. All trademarks as indicated herein are the property of Moog Inc. and its subsidiaries. CAN is a registered trademark of CAN in Automation ©2011 Mooglnc. All rights reserved. All changes are Easy-connect-version of Fieldbus Servo...

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