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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04


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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 1

D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04

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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 2

D761 SERIES TWO STAGE SERVOVALVES D761 SERIES SERVOVALVES The D761 Series flow control servovalves are throttle valves for 3- and preferably 4-way applications.They are a high performance, two-stage design that covers the range of rated flows from 1 to 16.5 gpm at 1000 psi valve drop.The output stage is a closed center, fourway sliding spool.The pilot stage is a symmetrical doublenozzle and flapper, driven by a double air gap, dry torque motor. Mechanical feedback of spool position is provided by a cantilever spring.The valve design is simple and rugged for dependable, long life operation....

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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 3

D761 SERIES GENERAL TECHNICAL DATA up to 5,000 psi up to 5,000 psi Flow Rate Q (gpm) Operating Pressure* ports P, X, A and B port T Temperature Range Fluid Ambient Seal Material Operating Fluid -4˚F to 176˚F -4˚F to 176˚F Viton, others on request Compatible with common hydraulic fluids, other fluids on request. Viscosity recommended 60 – 450 SUS @ 100˚F System Filtration: High pressure filter (without bypass, but with dirt alarm) mounted in the main flow and, if possible, directly upstream of the valve. Class of Cleanliness: The cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid greatly effects the...

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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 5

D761 SERIES INSTALLATION DRAWINGS The mounting manifold must conform to ISO 10372-04-04-0-92. Surface to which valve is mounted requires a 32 [∆∆] finish, flat within 0.001[0.03] TIR. 1.750 [44.45] 3.44 [87.4] 1.281 [32.54] 3.83 [97.3] Null Adjust: Flow out of port B will increase with clockwise rotation of null adjustment. 2.562 [65.07] 1.72 [43.7] 1.89 [48.0] 4X Ø .328 [8.33] THRU .531 [13.49] TO DEPTH SHOWN (1.125 REF) 1.89 [48.0] .008 M 3.78 MAX [96.0] 5.0 [128] Pin C 4.25 [108] Pin A Pin B Set screw 1 M4 x 6 DIN 912 0.055 [1.4] Ø0.495 [Ø12.6] 0.12 [3] Closed with internal pilot...

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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 6

D761 SERIES ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Rated current and coil resistance A variety of coils are available for D761 Series Servovalves which offer a wide choice of rated current. See Table 1. Coil connections A four-pin electrical connector (that mates with an MS3106/14S/2S) is standard. All four torque motor leads are available at the connector so external connections can be made for series, parallel or differential operation. D761 Series Servovalves can be supplied on special order with other connectors or a pigtail. Servoamplifier The servovalve responds to input current, so a servoamplifier...

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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 7

D761 SERIES ORDERING INFORMATION SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Model Number D761 • • • • • • Type Designation • • • • • • • • • • • Optional Feature Series specification Model Designation Assigned at the factory Factory Identification (Revision Level) Valve Version Standard response S H High response Signals for 100% Spool Stroke ±4 mA series (±8 mA parallel) 4 H ±7.5 mA series (±15 mA parallel) L ±20 mA series (±40 mA parallel) N ±30 mA series (±60 mA parallel) Z ±100 mA series (±200 mA parallel) Valve Connector Connector C1 (A) – side (RH) A B Connector C2 (B) – side (LH) P Connector P –...

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D761 Series Servovalves ISO 10372 Size 04 - 8

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